Wireless router for safeguard your home gadgets
Wireless router for safeguard your home gadgets

This project has already launched.

Internet hackers giving you sleepless nights!

Or are you worried about your baby m

onitors getting hacked?

Do you frequently download security apps and paying huge monthly cloud subscription fees just to protect your home gadgets?

Cod3fi (pronounced codify) might just have a solution for you!

Cod3fi is a wireless smart router mesh that protects all your smart home gadgets with an enterprise grade security. This includes your baby monitor, your loved one’s smart phones or even your laptops and devices like Amazon Echo, smart TV, or surveillance cameras.

Cod3fi is a wireless router mesh with built in dynamic firewall capability. This capability assures strict URL filtering and onlapproved and secure domains to pass through. Keeping your privacy in mind, all security rules and polices never leaves Cod3fi router and best of all - no cloud subscription is required, we provide you with a private cloud on your router! Each router comes with 64GB of memory that runs on 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. Using our easy to use Cod3fi app one can even monitor bandwidth consumption, run diagnostic tests, create a separate guest network, prioritize devices, play/pause Internet on any device and many more.

Cod3fi is truly the next-gen smart router!! And Cod3fi teams hopes you can back our initiative.

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