WIRED: Not so heavy metal sculptures
WIRED: Not so heavy metal sculptures

This project has already launched.

I am Kevin Newton, a passionate creative creator known for my diverse and original art.

I'm hoping (with your patronage) to enrich the Los Angeles community by creating and installing large scale metal sculptures throughout the city.


My latest series 'WIRED' is garnering wonderul feedback, people are really connecting with these 'not so heavy' metal wire sculptures depicting the emotions and movements of the human dramedy.


My goal: to raise funds to purchase materials, employ metal workers, hire transport, create sculptures and fund future installations. For full details on the project please view this exciting and informative video ...



I would appreciate your support and participation. I have original custom made rewards on my Kickstarter page ranging from $5-$200. Donation opportunities available from now until 01/08/2017.



Thank you for helping me achieve my dream.




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