Wire Wheel Cable Management
Wire Wheel Cable Management


Everyone has dealt with tangled wires. Whether it's under the desk of your PC, behind the television, or even just in your backpack, it's not something anyone wants to deal with.

Nobody wants to deal with this!

But at the root of most tangled cords is one simple problem - the length. If every cord was the perfect length, then the cords wouldn't ever get tangled.

The Wire Wheel fixes that. You just pull off the lid, lay your cord into the base, put the lid back on, and twist the top. It's that simple. With 4 easy steps, you can shorten any excessively long cable to fit your needs.

"But what if I'm on the go?" a skeptic might ask. Well, the Wire Wheel has you covered. With sturdy nylon manufacturing done right here in the USA, the Wire Wheel can protect and store your cables while on the go. Taking your mouse with you? Just wind it up and put it in your bag. With the ability to snap the Wire Wheel onto any cable, the possibilities are endless, and so are the configurations.

Maybe your setup is a complete mess. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's that office computer that's been untouched for years. Maybe it's that TV set where every cable is 10 feet too long. How could one little gadget possibly help you then? Realistically, it probably couldn't. Good thing that the Wire Wheel is stackable! Simpy wind up all of your excess wiring, and stack each wire wheel on top of the last, making a beautiful tower of cable management.

Currently, we have two working prototypes, and are about to get a third that conatins all of the feautres. Once the final prototype is made and received, work will begin on a promotional video, so stay tuned.

With our original, patent-pending design, the wire wheel is your cable management solution. You can't find this kind of versatility and adaptability anywhere else in the cable management market. Stay tuned for our official release!

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