Wings of Charity Non-Profit Organization
Wings of Charity Non-Profit Organization

We will be launching on a funding platform in a couple weeks! Don't miss the opportunity to support this great mission, AND EARN REWARDS for your donation! Rewards will be in the form of gift cards, hats/shirts, and the top 2 donors will receive a 2 night getaway stay in a luxurious resort hotel on the Oregon Coast.

Wings of Charity™ is a non-profit organization formed to help connect veterans, people and pets with their loved ones in times of natural disaster or medical emergency. Our volunteers are pilots, home owners, pet shelter owners, and alot of other good hearted people! We need support of donation to financially get this strong mission off the ground! 

Our goal between now and then is to continue growing our list of volunteers and sponsors.
Be apart of something great.

When a loved one is diagnosed with an illness that carries them many miles away to a more suitable hospital/treatment center, their insurance may cover them, but usually not the family. One of the hardest aspects of hospitalized illness is being apart from family, or the financial stress it can cause. This is especially true with our beloved veterans. WOC intends to connect those immediate loved one(s) by private flight, and connect with a home owner willing to provide a room or house to stay at.
In times of natural disaster, often times pets and loved ones get separated. Our group of pet loving volunteer pilots will rescue "Buddy" and connect him with the owner, or nearest safe pet shelter.

We are the connection.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or to learn more, please visit our website.

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