Win the Internet
Win the Internet

What is Win the Internet?

Win the internet is a new adult humor party game where you and your opponents are pathetic losers that create outrageous memes in epic internet battles in an attempt to become internet famous. Internet battles are roller coaster rides of trolling and betrayal where the winner only emerges once the dust has settled.

What makes Win the Internet different from similar games?

  • No Judge! Players instead battle to score points.
  • No fill in the blanks! Players are free to create anything they want with more combos than atoms in the entire universe.
  • You can keep your white cards in play and combine them with other words to build up unique phrases over time.
  • This game is a true social game with players ganging up, trolling, attacking, begging, and betraying eachother. Trolling is basically when you take someone elses artwork that they are really proud of and draw a hitler mustache on it.

Who is this game for?

The game is "NOT SAFE FOR WORK". It features everything you’d expect to find on the internet; so basically, it's a disgusting, racist and narcissistic cesspool of porn, selfies, and self deprecation. I can only show a tiny fraction of the 396 cards in the set. The game is best played with the rest of your alcoholic friends in your mom's basement.

How hard is the game to learn?

Not at all! We've specifically designed and game to be playable by stupid people. In fact, you don't even need to speak english! Cards are color coded and there aren't a lot of rules to learn, The complexity and strategy comes from how players interact with eachother. It's about as difficult to learn as Uno.

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