Wildlife in wild lands
Wildlife in wild lands

This project has already launched.

My name is Laura Crawford Williams and I have been a professional wildlife photographer for 17 years. This campaign supports the printing and distribution of Wildlife in Wild Lands: Photography for Conservation in Southern South America. This 244-page, fine art photography book is the result of an 8-year, 275,000 km journey photographing wild species in some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth!

I first traveled to southern South America in November of 2007. My photo destination was the Pampas grasslands of Argentina, with German Ambrosetti as my guide. At the time, we had no idea this trip would lead to our 8-year partnership as photographer and videographer. We worked with dozens of individuals and organizations working to protect threatened species in countries like Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil.

Our book, Wildlife in Wild Lands is the first of its kind to assemble such a diverse collection of animals found within the Southern Cone, many unknown to the rest of the world. Six chapters, in English and Spanish, contain 150 photographs of 113 different species; each with thought provoking captions describing behavior, conservation challenges and status. An additional chapter, titled Between Frames, shares photos and stories of our adventures in the field.

In 2015, Fundación Parques Nacionales de Argentina, directed by Claudio Hirsch, Daniel Hirsch, and Dylan Williams, approached us about creating a fine art book of wildlife photography. But, as I thought more about the project, it became clear that the photographs were merely the result of a much larger story...

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