Wild Gunman - A 2D Western Shoot 'Em Up Platformer Coming Soon to Kickstarter
Wild Gunman - A 2D Western Shoot 'Em Up Platformer Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Set in the wild west you play as the wild gunslinger riding to steal from every town's bank. You must escape death from posses, gangs, sheriffs, pinkertons, and even indians.

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Wild Gunman is a single player platformer game with non stop shooting action. The goal of the game is not to die. You must shoot your way across various enemies and obstacles in order to rob each town's banks. The more banks you rob the higher the bounty on your head thus increasing the difficulty as you ride along.

Along the way you can collect coins that can be spent to unlock new weapons or increase the player's health. As the player progresses through the game you will get to see weather changes from day to night, sunny and rain.

With you as always is your trusty horse. Players will have the ability to jump off the horse at any time and shoot down enemies on foot. When your ready to get out of dodge just hop back on your horse and ride off into the sunset.


  • Weapon of Choice: The wild west was tamed by nothing other than the gun. Players can use an array of weapons from colt, winchester, shotguns, and a gatlin gun?
  • Wild West Landscapes: Every level will feature a different terrain such as deserts, mountains, wastelands, forests, and cities.
  • Weather Changes: As the terrain changes so will the weather.
  • Gambling: Collect coins and try your luck at the slot machine. Win perks and special items or simply play for fun.

With more stretch goals unlocked we can add more levels to the game which means more added fun to the gameplay. Other level ideas are old mexican theme, indian village, a canyon, inside a gold mine, and a railroad theme to name a few.

Example of ipad and iphone implementation.

With more stretch goals reached we can add more boss fights to the gameplay.

A man of the law, a keeper of peace, his only job is to enforce order. Think twice before robbing from his town.

The Bandito or Bandit's only purpose is to rob and kill you. Not necessarily in that order. He is always one step behind you and will pop up when you least expect it.

The KING of bosses. You will not survive.


Full game will be available to all backers. We are aiming at completing 9 levels with 9 boss fights depending on goals reached. Additionally, backers will receive character minis from the game ranging from 3" to 6" painted and unpainted.

We are planning on launching the Kickstarter campaign soon.



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