Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals
Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals

This project has already launched.

Hey Wiivv Tribe! 

We are proud to launch the Wiivv Custom Fit Sandal, the world’s first affordable, custom-fit footwear from your smartphone, biomechanically designed to fit the contours of your unique feet. Pledge today: http://ks3.wiivv.com 

This isn’t just an innovation in footwear – It’s a revolution! 

We’ve invented new features like custom strap and toe thong placement and interchangeable straps (US patents pending for these, baby)! These are going to be the most comfortable sandals you’ve ever worn. Visit us on Kickstarter and be one of the first in the world to join Wiivv’s custom fit footwear revolution! 

Pledge today: http://ks3.wiivv.com

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