Wicked Rachel Ceramic Studio
Wicked Rachel Ceramic Studio

This project has already launched.

Hello from Colorado! 

My name is Rachel and I am the artist behind Wicked Rachel Art. I am a multi-media artist that specializes in ceramics and I am graduating from college (finally!) and setting up my own studio to work out of. I have explored many different mediums in the course of my life, but my one true love has always been ceramics. I love to draw and will do it for fun, whenever the mood strikes, or by request as an illustrator; but ceramic art is where my heart is. I started playing with clay in 2001 and never stopped. No matter what I do or where I go, it always pulls me back.

I have been studying Fine Arts at the University level since 2014 and started publishing my work on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook this year. The response I have received thus far has been fantastic and I have even managed to launch my business because of it. However, it has become difficult to keep up with demand when working around others' firing schedules, and I have had many issues with breakage of pieces because of a joint studio situation. That's why I launched this Kickstarter campaign to help me purchase and install a new kiln that I can run on my own and depend on to fill my orders. I have galleries and clients waiting for my work so I desperately need to get up and running!

With help from Kickstarter and my wonderful backers, I'm hoping that I can really launch myself and get my business the rest of the way off the ground. I am all in for this business. It's my life dream and goal to be successful in my art and I want desperately for it to work. All I need is a little help to get there.

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