Wichita Community Market
Wichita Community Market

I’m Mikel Bowyer, I’m a Kansas native and successful Wichita investor and entrepreneur. With your help, we can establish a world class Public Market and community trade-center right in the heart of Wichita through a concept store known as Wichita Community Market. This indoor market is the missing link between our rural Kansas farmers and their access to the ever-expanding urban Wichita economy.

Wichita is at the heart of the best kept agricultural secret in America; fresh Kansan crops and livestock. Unfortunately, there is currently no venue in Wichita that offers to sell these unique and quality products into the local economy year-round in a comfortable setting. Downtown dwellers, often young professionals, find themselves having to inconveniently travel to supermarkets well outside of Wichita Proper in order to accomplish their grocery runs. Larger businesses have found themselves in places other than the epicenter of Wichita, leaving a large void in the local economy for the residents of downtown; a prominent strength in the foundation of this concept. While a grocery store is never that far away in the city, this is our chance to make a mark in Wichita’s downtown economy by offering something that has never existed before and attaching it to an unprecedented, booming urban economic revival.

Our concept is simple, our mission is to provide guests access to locally farmed food, locally crafted products and locally established talent within a family style atmosphere that is based in Kansas’ famous gratitude and hospitality. This will be achieved through three basic departments; the Farmer’s Department, Artisan Department and the Educational Services Department.  We will build a modular facility using steel framing initially, and as we grow in popularity, we will add modified storage containers that will allow temperature control, and quick and safe additions to the initial facility.  With the partnership of the ICT Food Circle, City of Wichita, and the Sedgwick County Extension Services, we will be able to promote our vast array of talent on a custom stage! 

Wichita Community Market is unique and not replicable; no one else offers what we offer. Larger corporate gourmet stores, new and seemingly personable in concept, can’t offer the level of attention we will provide to customers. We will select our vendors directly from our network of over 100 farmers and many more craft vendors who offer strictly Kansas goods. Our Farmer’s Department will boast fresh, local inventory of including but not limited to produce, beef, pork, buffalo, lamb, poultry, eggs, nuts, dairy and honey. In the Artisan Department, we will feature fresh-baked breads, an array of sauces and crisp, aromatic spices all available fresh daily to the downtown customer. In the Educational Events Department, we will offer chef taught cooking classes, access to a community garden and the organization of trips to farms where the market’s products come from.

Starting with the fundamentals of a grocer, Wichita Community Market will showcase how time can be spent with friends, family, and the community by focusing on our own resources including our farms, Wichita's vacant spaces, and the talents possessed by home grown Kansans! Let’s provide the bridge that links urban Kansas farmers to the expanding metropolis of downtown Wichita.

Wichita deserves to eat well, and the Market will display Kansas’ true talent in this arena.

We all need Wichita Community Market.

I appreciate your interest in this venture. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding this excellent investment.

Eat Well, Mikel Bowyer

Risks and challenges

The success of this projects falls on the ability to lease out vendor space consistently, and to the right people. To combat that I plan on utilizing a large network of farmers and craft vendors. We will also host many events that will allow the space to be occupied during slower traffic periods. We will also have a range of lease options to accommodate a variety of businesses. This will include a per event fee, a weekly and monthly fee, and up to multiple year leases for storage container buildings.

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