Who The Fuck Really Is Eric G
Who The Fuck Really Is Eric G

This project has already launched.

EG47TheRapper will be releasing his first mixtape on May 19th. The mixtape carries themes of overcoming all odds, breaking the 4th wall to find your third eye and following a passion that has been suppressed for too long. 

As a rapper, he aims to be the voice of the Misplaced and Misunderstood that have fallen between the cracks. A voice for those that contemplate not becoming their potential because they don't believe they are good enough. 

Through his music, EG47TheRapper, hopes to reach all those that may be struggling to tell them "to wait a little longer."  Happiness is around the corner. Hardship may lye around the same corner but it wont be long before your dreams are reached. 

Music saved EG47TheRapper when he was younger. He aims to do the same with his music to the next generation.

We have tapped out out our budget putting the mixtape together, getting the music distributed and hiring a professional crew to shoot our first video. 

I have been able to meet some great and talented people though. We are raising funds to buy equipment to shoot our next videos. We aren't looking to buy Hollywood camera's; but we would like to have equipment that could make you proud to be part of our team. We want to bring as many ideas to life as we can. We would like to let our fans dictate what direction our videos take. I would like to have a budget that would let your imagination run wild. Tell us how big to go and we'll go that big. 

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