WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard
WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard

This project has already launched.

You use your keyboard every day. 

From morning to night you type using your keyboard to express your innermost thoughts and ideas. The keyboard is your window into the digital world, it allows you to convey your mind in a way unlike any other tool.

Features in the WhiteFox [Vera]

  • Fully Programmable Keys
  • Durable PBT Keycaps
  • Aluminum Body
  • Perfect Compact Layout
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Our new Halo Mechanical Switches

The WhiteFox is a new class of mechanical keyboard, a higher quality and more adaptable device than what you are used to. Every key is fully programmable, our software is open source, and the aesthetic is light and elegant. The keycaps are crafted from highly durable PBT engineering plastics, and the legends are dye-sublimated so they will never wear or fade. The body is solid aluminum, very compact, and can fit on any desk. The rationale behind this keyboard is to provide you with a beautiful piece of functional art that you can customize and fully control.

The WhiteFox is one of our most popular keyboard designs. As such, it has been discussed heavily on forums and covered by many prominent writers, video producers, and news channels.  

Here are extensive reviews, links, and stories about the keyboard:

Our New Switches

We also invented two new types of mechanical keyswitches that are available as options for the WhiteFox. Our goal when inventing these switches was to significantly reduce "pre-load" or the initial effort required when you first touch a switch. With this new capability, we were able to recreate the feeling of the most desirable keyboards in the world in a simple mechanical switch. 

Halo True - A smooth, tactile switch that is effortless to push, and becomes firmer the harder you press it. View our page to learn more

Halo Clear - Based on the Halo True architecture, but with a spring weight closer to the very popular Cherry MX Clear. View our page to learn more

Kaihua Blue - We didn't invent this switch, but it is a wonderful clicky switch so we included it as an option. It is much louder to type on than the Halo switches, with a short, crisp tactile bump. View our page to learn more

The Secret Behind Our Keyboards

Designed by the team at Input Club in collaboration with Matteo Spinelli, the WhiteFox [Vera]is the latest release in our series of mechanical keyboards. All Input Club products run on the Keyboard Layout Language (KLL) we created. KLL is a new type of “BIOS for keyboards” that allows maximum functionality across Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Inherent to this design are features like N-Key Rollover, individual key programming, and custom layouts. This feature set allows you to type accurately at any speed as well as create custom macro options for every key on a hardware level using our configurator.

Our simple to use, point and click keyboard configurator makes it so that even a novice can customize their keyboard with absolutely no programming knowledge.
Our simple to use, point and click keyboard configurator makes it so that even a novice can customize their keyboard with absolutely no programming knowledge.

Years of experimentation and prototyping went into the development of the WhiteFox and it is filled with small details that make all the difference. For example, the arrow key cluster is slightly separated from the control keys, making it easier to switch from typing to navigating solely by touch. The plate that the mechanical keyswitches are mounted into is the perfect thickness of aluminum to allow slight flex, making your typing experience much easier on your fingers. The height and angle of the case is perfectly optimized to handle both the WhiteFox keycap set as well as higher profile aftermarket keysets

A New Philosophy of Product

The keyboard is low profile, compact, and unnecessary keys have been removed from the WhiteFox. The repetitive act of moving your right hand off the keyboard to use a mouse really adds up when repeated thousands of times a day and smaller keyboards limit this problem. The circuitry is programmable on a hardware level, so if a key you use frequently is not present, you can re-assign any key to fill that function. You can also assign mouse functionality to the WhiteFox, making it so you never have to take your hands off your keyboard.

The most important thing about the WhiteFox is that it is Open Source. You can download the files to make the WhiteFox from our Github account. This gives anybody the option to develop individual custom designs or aftermarket modifications for the WhiteFox. Other keyboards are essentially obsolete the moment you receive them but the WhiteFox has an active community behind it that is constantly improving the keyboard. It is likely you’ve used open source software, as most of the internet is built upon it, but it is much rarer to encounter open source hardware. Keyboards are hybrid devices which exist in the worlds of both hardware and software. This makes keyboards the perfect vehicle to showcase the beauty and majesty of open source collaboration in a simple tool that you use every day.

Designed To Be Improved

We have produced the WhiteFox keyboard before in group buys for keyboard kits that you had to build yourself. Our Kickstarter campaign is for an assembled product that works out of the box. We wanted to make it easier for people outside the engineering community to use the WhiteFox. We think that Kickstarter is the perfect place to achieve this goal. Money raised from this campaign will be used to create a keyboard manufacturing line at a new factory for the WhiteFox.

The components for the WhiteFox are premium quality and cutting edge. It is designed so that the core parts can be made in a machine shop and limited runs can be produced by a small PCB fabricator. This allows the WhiteFox to have a much higher overall quality of craftsmanship than a typical injection molded plastic device. To make one WhiteFox on your own would cost roughly a thousand dollars to produce. This is why we are assembling a large group to help drive the cost down to something more reasonable.

Who We Are

Our team at Input Club is comprised of serious keyboard enthusiasts brought together by online forums. Input Club was founded by Jacob Alexander, famed keyboard archaeologist and inventor, known as HaaTa on Geekhack and Deskthority. For the WhiteFox, the overall aesthetic and design was created by Matteo Spinelli, the famous mechanical keyboard designer. This version of the WhiteFox comes only in the True Fox layout, and there is a kit option that does not come with mechanical switches. 

Please support our endeavour to bring the WhiteFox to a larger audience! Our goal is to help make desks everywhere just a little nicer to look at, teaching people why open source matters, and provide you with an exceptional keyboard. We would like to extend special thanks to the fantastic support we've had from our friends, family, and all the kind souls who have lent a hand along the way.

Kyle Dykes - Photography and Videography

(Check out his website - he is amazing!

Katie Lewis - Keyboard Spokesperson

Alec Brasier - Voice-over and Screenwriting

Chris Lord - Video Production and Screenwriting

Brandon and Janet Wang - Packaging Design and Manufacturing

(These two are the best people doing packaging, anywhere!)

The Dance of the WhiteFox
The Dance of the WhiteFox

 Product Changelog for WhiteFox [Vera]:  

  • Updated PCB Circuitry to provide extra ESD protection  
  • Consolidated Plate Layouts to the True Fox Layout (PCB Layout maintains support for other layouts)  
  • Included Halo True and Clear options  
  • Updated Keycap set to better account for True Fox Layout
  • Changed Stabilizers to Cherry Style stabilizers
  • PCB is LED compatible, but this keyboard does not come with LEDs installed
  • All keyboards ship with a companion, Kono, the origami WhiteFox
Kono the Fox
Kono the Fox



 Keycaps Included

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