Where's My Contact - save lives, don't text & drive
Where's My Contact - save lives, don't text & drive

This project has already launched.

Texting while driving kills 16 people every day. Where’s My Contact app, with its unique approach to texting, reduces that number.

At the age of 8, Eden had his first set of business cards. This kid was intent on making a big splash in the business world one day. He was always on the lookout for new, better, exceptional product ideas. He asked thousands of questions and watched with intense concentration so he could learn.

At 14 Eden said, "I wish there was a screen I could look at to see if someone was driving." His school had been pounding the students with data, testimonies and heart wrenching stories about the consequences of texting while driving. *Thank you Clover School District!*

When we could not find an app to satisfy Eden's request, he identified an unfulfilled niche in the market. "Let's build it, save lives and make money!" Several months later here we are, with a Provisional Patent, Business-Plan and Drive to make Where's My Contact app a reality.

Imagine ~ You want to send a text to Jackie. Simply find her on your contact list and you see a steering wheel symbol next to her name. She is currently driving. Do not text her at this time. Contact her another way or text her later.

Imagine ~ Every participating contact in your phone has a symbol next to their name indicating where they are or what they’re doing in Real Time. Basic symbols show: shopping, work, home, school, park, church, gym, driving, even customized and more.

Texting while driving results in 23% more likelihood of crashing. There are currently 6000 deaths per year with over 4000 teenagers killed because of texting while driving. This is catastrophic! You can do something about it! Sign up and donate toward the development of the Where's My Contact app.

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