"When Women were Birds" Art Exhibition

This project has already launched.

The figures of abuse of women are shocking reminders of just how prevalent and persistent domestic violence still is.


Love and Violence are contradictory concepts, but the reality is that romantic love has become an idealised concept, paradoxically used as a tool to damage the other person under the illusion of a false affection.

With this informations in mind Lucia Serrano, Annalisa Durighello and Stephanie Rebuli committed their talents to create a bridge of communication through the social function of art, exposing to the public the problem of violent love.

We created three series of illustrations and photographies that will be exhibited in London in December 2016.

We are raising funds to cover the costs of the printing, the framing and the advertising of our Exhibition. We are also creating merchandise products such as postcards and tote bags with the limited edition artwork from our project.

We are aiming to bring this exhibition in every possible major city in Europe to raise awareness about the topics of domestic abouse and violence against women. 

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