Hello.We are WHEN WE WERE BLACK national and global. It is our goal to market and distribute the book WHEN WE WERE BLACK in the United States, then to a global scale. There are important messages behind the words in the book. First off, there is the chronicling of the Black experience and how it came into existence. Many young people have no idea of the origin of the race becoming Black. So, there is a historical message that needs to be spread on a domestic scale and then worldwide.

It is the goal to spread these books in the United States. The ultimate goal domestically is that these books be an educational aid in public schools as welll as in the college or university level. The books may need some revision and this will take money. There is also funding that is needed to make this happen domesticly and abroad.

The global marketing and distribution will take substancial funding because there will need to be the interpretation into foreign languages and printing.

One of the ultimate goals is for funding to send the author as well as a group of other individuals to go to the United Nations and petition for human rights for the Blacks in the United States.

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