Life is full of waiting, interrupt it with WheeTap! 
It's a simple mobile app built as an open challenge for everyone - TAP the screen.
Bring the counter down to zero and get rewarded! 
That's it. 

For more details visit www.wheetap.com

  •       FAQ

1.What exactly is WheeTap? 

WheeTap is an Android app which you can use to break boredom. You must tap the screen 399,999 times in order to get rewarded.

2. What do I get and how do I get it? 

If you're the first person to get the counter down to zero, you'll win 0.10 Bitcoin. If you're already acquainted with Bitcoin, then we send it from our digital wallet. If not, we'll open a wallet for you.

3. What the hell is a Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a digital currency which you can store in a digital wallet (anywhere). You can read more about Bitcoin here.

4. How much does it cost? 

First version of WheeTap will be free. After a winner is found, we're starting a new round, with more Bitcoins. That version will cost $0.99.

5. You mentioned Android, but what about other platforms? 

WheeTap will be available exclusively on Android for now. iOS development is in progress.

6. Is it safe? 

Yes. You are not affected in any way by our application. It's built primarily for fun and research - a way to break boredom. If you're in it for Bitcoin, our application uses encryption in order to keep things fair for everyone.

7. When can I get it? 

The first version of WheeTap will be released on May 1st, after which we'll be preparing a second version, packed with even more Bitcoins.

8. Why did WheeLabs make WheeTap? 

We're huge fans of Bitcoin and saw this as an opportunity to introduce it to other people. Besides that, the evolution of mobile applications has reached a point where even the most basic of applications can keep their users occupied. WheeLabs has started to study the philosophy of simple games, built with a single function like clicking - or tapping. Hence, WheeTap. The point is not to win Bitcoin, but to see how far people are willing to go. By downloading this app, you help us to put our research into numbers - users.

9. I want to get updates on WheeTap. How can I do that?

We covered several social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We also offer an e-mail subscription where you get all additional information and news. This is very important because this is how we notify our users abut new versions, important dates, etc. Whee! :) 




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