Wheels under your wings with a coffee cart
Wheels under your wings with a coffee cart

I wanted these things in a business: 1. Have no employees 2. Work with people for just a short period of time 3. Have no overhead 4. Have a product/service that most people understood immediately 5. Have a small work space and be mobile at the same time.  6.  Have a way to fund this company without having to work with a bank.  I came up with a coffee cart and the business to be funded on a crowdfunding site like indiegogo.com.

I decided to follow an already proven campaign, no need to reinvent the wheel.  After coming to indiegogo.com and seeing the successful campaigns I decided to do exactly what the best coffee cart campaign did.  But being unable to pedal the cart, I decided to put together a coffee cart together that fit my wants and abilities.  I wa interested in what made a 'coffee cart' profitable.

I read the article "What's The Secret To A Successful Coffee Shop?"  by Peter Baskerville, Founder of 20 Cafes and Food Businesses in Forbes online.  He said that everyone told him on his first start up what to do and he followed many wrong ideas which people had about the business of a coffee shop.  Most of the ideas were completely wrong like having a nice lounge area where he was paying the rent for loafers.  His number one must for a shop was having great coffee.  People will pass up 10 coffee shops to get to that one which was always great coffee.  So I have gone to coffee roasters in the Kansas City area to find the best coffee in town.  

That, in a cup, was how I started coffeecartespress.com.  I didn't know exactly what I should call the company since there are many cute names and ideas.  My daughter came up with the idea to have a play on words and to use the concept and make it catchy.

I have started businesses before but had to have many employees and that was a burden from the 'git go'.  So the idea of having a small coffee cart that I could work out of every day and take it anywhere in the USA AND not have any employees sounded like a good plan to me.  I am semi-retired and in 2008 had my home building company crash and becoming unbankable taught me a lot.  That was where I came up with what I wanted in a company.  

I have the idea to take this company nationwide, as well, because I believe there are a lot of people who want the same thing as me.  I want a company that I can interact with people on a one-to-one basis.  I want an easy work environment that I have complete control over.  I also want a company that I can take with me anywhere in the country in case my wife and I decide to see more of the country than just the KC area.  I want people to get a grand cup of coffee without having to mortgage the home every time they just want a cup of coffee.  So with this cart there is no boss no rent no employees no overhead and all I need to do is purchase the coffee and supplies needed.  Everything about the coffee cart fit my wants.  KISS, keep it simple stupid, is exactly my lifestyle.  With that in mind, I also took Baskerville's idea of having great coffee and decided to change one thing.  He said that you had to have a specific coffee maker and referred to a machine that cost an arm and a leg.  With the best coffee to start with I decided to not have all of the frills that BIG coffee company offers.  Having a cup of great coffee is all that I would offer along with donuts, muffins, dunkables, coffee spoons and other barista odds and ends and my smile. Quick one-to-one service and the best coffee around and at a price that wouldn't make coffee a dessert but a good way to open the day.  

I have been in businesses where I had to work with people I didn't like.  Having a quick interaction with people is easy.  Everyone can put up with other people if they are only working with them for a short period of time like selling a cup of coffee.  {I worked in a business where I interacted with people for only 2-3 minutes at a time.  Even when people are not in a good mood they are at least civil for that short period of time.  I always came away without any stress.  No stress is what the doctor ordered.  Plus many of these people are not fully awake yet.}

So finding the cart was first on my list.  They are building my cart as I put this campaign in its' startup phase.  I figured that after I prove myself and start giving this coffee cart a nationwide opportunity here on 'indiegogo', I could get local companies to help make it a top product just like that other booming coffee cart.  I do enjoy working with people, but I would then be able to pick and choose the companies I like to provide a cart and coffee anyone can understand and work with.  The smartphone and the apps give the opportunity of communicating and having a way to easily take money.  I will have the company connected instantly with the new baristas and answer all of their questions.

One of the ideas that Baskerville said was to Pre-make as much as possible.  So this cart is packed with this idea, coffee made ahead of opening so all you have to do is open up and serve.  Having the best coffee maker isn't all that it is cracked up to be.  Serving hot coffee that people will come back for is all that is needed.  Too many baristas get caught up with the equipment and not the quality of coffee.  {I found out once I had to start doing all the cooking in our home that you couldn't screw up dinner if you start with the best ingredients.  Well, you can if you burn it.  But i overcame that after the first sacrifice I made to the chef god.}  Same with coffee, start with great coffee and the equipment comes in 2nd place.  So make it before you open up.  If the customer needs to have the fru-frus, then they can always go to the BIG coffee company.  Don't believe that you have to compete with everyone.  All you need is a great coffee, hot, quick and easily accessible.  This coffeecartespress.com offers all of this.

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