What is Bubble CPAP & how it works?
What is Bubble CPAP & how it works?

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Are you looking for the CPAP mask for CPAP for your newborn baby?  Use this Bubble CPAP to avoid the breathing problems of your baby.  Not all the CPAP machines can be used to infant babies since their skin is so soft. It is unique from all other CPAP.  It provides a protective safe and effective method of breathing problems.

The Bubble CPAP, or Bubble continuous positive airway pressure, is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open. BCPAP typically is used for infant babies those who have breathing problems. CPAP Machine contains parts such as Mask, Funnel, Breathing Tube, Air filter a, Humidifier and Water Chamber, CPAP generator.  


This mask is specially designed for the babies with an adjustable tube. This can be fitted to the baby nose and it will be connected to the breathing tube.

Flexible Breathing Tube

The delivery tube is lightweight, very flexible and designed to minimize pressure. The ball and Socket Elbow provides flexibility for tube positioning.

Quite Air Diffuser

Efficiently designed to ensure the flow is directed away from the patient and their bet partner for a quite sleep. It is used to spread the air over the water.

Humidifier and water chamber

This is a transparent water chamber which is used to fill up the water. It is made up of plastic material. There a water measurement line which is used to fill up the water as much as needs. This humidifier is used to moisturize the water to avoid the dryness of the air. The Ventilator is blow up the pressure air which is very dry. It will lead to nose and throat irritations and lungs inflammation. 

Functions of BCPAP Machines

Before starting the ventilator we have to fill up the humidifier and water chamber. The water should not be exceeded the limit. When the ventilator is on it passes the signal to compressure to make the air pressure. The input keyboard and LCD display on the AIR blender used to monitor the pressure level. The pressure level can be adjusted by using the Flow meter. The humidifier makes the water warm and moisturizer.

This Warm and moisturized air will be passed through the Breathing tube to the nasal mask. This BCPAP contains two modes. One is inhalation that allows the humidifier to pass the oxygen to the nasal mask. The one is Exhalation process i.e. the tube from nasal mask will be connected to the water container.  This tube will equal the CPAP pressure.  The nasal mask is fixed over the mouth and it is adjustable. It will work until the water gets vaporized. Water chamber can be refilled with the help of the funnel. Click here to find more about BCPAP.

What are all the Features of CPAP?

The BCPAP contains the following features that may help to improve the breathing process of infant babies.

No facial and head pressure

Tube can be adjusted

No increase in complications.

Mask is so soft.

Thus the BCPAP has various features and you can find the best BCPAP machines from the market as per your pediatrician prescription.

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