What is Bitcoin?
What is Bitcoin?

Hey Everyone, my name is Jonny and I am a 28 year old web entrepreneur from Colorado and I'm on a mission to accelerate the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin in every country in the world with help from stickers and YOU. 

Yup, stickers. It is my goal to produce and distribute at least 1,000,000 stickers around the world with 1 question and 1 call to action.

"What is Bitcoin?" and "#TryBitcoin"

This simple question will get people to wonder what Bitcoin is in hopes that they will search for an answer.

I am using a hashtag because I want people to be able to unite online around a common goal surrounding this project and get more people to #TryBitcoin! 

I feel that these 2 phrases are enough to get people to look into Bitcoin further and help it into mainstream acceptance.

Here are the first 4 designs for the campaign. I will br producing 3 more designs for every $1000 that gets pledged to the project. I have about 20 other designs ready to go into production and I want to have more than 100 designs in circulation by the end of Spring of 2014. I might even open up some contests to have people submit their own designs and let people vote on which one gets put into production. 

Here is what I would like to achieve with this project:

- Produce and Distribute at least 1,000,000 stickers or more with the help of the Bitcoin community around the world and people just like you.

- Accelerate the widespread awareness, knowledge and adoption of Bitcoin all around the world.

- Get people to actually try Bitcoin.


Pledge packages are really simple. $5 gets you 5 stickers shipped to your door. $10 get you 10, $20 gets you 20, $50 $100 etc.

Put them on any/all of the following...


cubicle at work 



your iPad or computer tower

speaker cabinets

file cabinets

dog (actually not on your dog)

skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, surfboard,

storefront window, 

locker at school, 

school books, 

guitar or drums set, 

tour van, guitar case, 

your mancave fridge

give them as gifts to your friends and family. 









or anywhere else you think they will get lots of exposure.



If you would like to know more about Bitcoin and how it works, then make sure to watch these 2 videos on the basic idea behind Bitcoin with some great visual aid. 

Bitcoin Mining is the process by which bitcoins are made through the verification of complex mathmatical algorithms. Part of this verification process is that people verify your banking transactions as their computers mine bitcoin. Watch this video to learn more about Bitcoin Mining and how it might add value to your life.

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