What are the Significance of Fireworks in Diwali
What are the Significance of Fireworks in Diwali

Diwali is the most popular and important festival celebrated throughout India by all religions, this Diwali celebration signifies the victory and success of Lord Rama in neglecting the evil spirits out in the epic Ramayana.

Diwali is filled with multiple traditions, customs and cultures, each of the religions has a history behind these celebrations and the important tradition that is common among the religion is the prayers for the prosperity, also exchanges sweets to each other and celebrated the Diwali by bursting firecrackers together.

Role of Fire Crackers

Without Firecrackers, Diwali will not be a complete celebration. People from age group 6 to 60 love to burst crackers and enjoy the celebration together, this makes the fireworks special on Diwali.

What are the types of Fireworks available?

You could buy crackers online Chennai, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all around the world from some good shopping sites or from reliable and licensed manufacturer shops to have a safe and injury free Diwali. Few of the fireworks that are available and popular in the market involves


This is designed to be in small tables and when burn up results in the form of snake like coils.

Sparkles & Flowerpots

These kind of fireworks are developed to be noise free and provides attractive sparkles when burnt, developed in multiple plain sparkles and colors for attracting any age groups. Flowerpots comes in different colors and sizes.


This type of crackers are the often and largest selling firecrackers in the market, developed from smaller to larger sizes, few bombs also emits sparkles when burnt in the air and results in a shower of lights.

Colored matches

This type of fireworks are developed like normal matchbox and designed with colorful flames.


The next famous firecrackers after bombs are the rockets and are preferred by most of the youngsters and children, you need to fire the rockets in the air and this makes a swishing sound and then explode heavily.

The Significance of Fireworks

Firecrackers are burnt especially during any festival or celebrations to enjoy the function, success or victory of something, this means you are expressing your thank you to the god for blessing each of them with good health, wisdom etc.

Bursting firecrackers will bring out colours and dazzles in the sky, but before you start with the firecrackers, you are required to check out all the safety precautions while bursting fire crackers.

While bursting rockets, it should be placed upright and then erected up for the safer lights up, the bombs should be bursted safely and make sure there are too much of space between you and the bomb you are going to burst. It’s good to keep always a bucket of water near to you while bursting crackers.

Firecrackers can also act as an ideal gift for Diwali, there are too much of crackers developed  to be noise free to reduce the noise pollution and to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.

Still collapsed? Need to know more about Fireworks? Check out this Wikipedia Link!

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