WhacktheEx! The Ultimate Negative Energy Release!
WhacktheEx! The Ultimate Negative Energy Release!

Here it is.
Introducing WhacktheEx. The safest and funnest way to get back at your Ex.
We've all been there. Someone has shed their negative energy onto us, and left us to deal with it. And you need a way to let it out of your system. But
It's time to take back your thoughts and actions in a fun and therapeutic way! And it's easy to do that with a custom printed golf ball, with a picture of someone that really deserves to be whacked. There's no need to feel stuck any longer, because a WhacktheEx golf ball combines both physical and mental activities into one dispensable product. And whether you buy it for yourself, or gift it to a friend, its a daring way to have lots fun. What a way to start 2016!

The Impact.
We are all affected by the energies surrounding us, whether its conscious or not. And sometimes we need to get our own energies re-aligned. Because each of us have experienced, at least once, having somebody shed their negative energy upon us. That's why we've thought up of this - a tool that creates the all important mind-body connection, and discharges that unwanted energy outside your body. Besides, we all know that laughter is the best medicine!


A Golf Ball?
Healing takes on many forms, and none are better than those that create a mind-body connection. WhacktheEx is designed to help you relieve your built-up feelings through striking physical motions. By visually representing someone who's really annoyed you, making them fit their overblown head onto a golf ball, and channeling the force of your thoughts into a club gripped firmly into your hands, you will feel an awesome sense of ease with every whack.

But Why Golf?
Being out there on the rolling greens, surrounded by nature, what a refresher! There are many misconceptions around this game. Some consider it a leisurely activity for the very wealthy, while others go so far as to question it being a 'sport'. The truth is, golf is a game of extreme Focus, where you have to eliminate all chatter from your mind. As the renowned Golf Hall of Famer Harvey Penick always advocated, "Once you address the ball, hitting it to the desired target must be the only thing in your life. Allow no negative thoughts, and focus on your goal." I've tried it myself, and its worked!


Did you know Golf is the only game that doesn't have a referee?

"So I can break every rule, and never get caught!"

Who's Been Whacked
We will be happy to tag the person of your choice on our social media feeds.

What will I get?
You will get a proper, endurance level golf ball. On one side, it will feature our logo. On the other, a face of your choosing inside a choice of 4 unique splatter marks. It will come packaged in a box ready to be gifted or used yourself. You can also add up to two lines of text below the image. Each ball will also have a tee stand to keep it from rolling away unwontedly.
Added perks include a Tee pin with your custom phrase on it, a soft golf Glove thats worn by Pro Whackers, and to complete the package, a book written by Harvey Penick including all his notes on how to perfect your drive!



But I don't play golf!
No Problem! Here are 5 great things you can do with a WhacktheEx golf ball instead:



When will you ship?
We will ship and deliver before April Fools Day of 2016 (yes, seriously). Shipping costs are extra and Expedited shipping will be made available as an extra option.

How do I send you my images?
Using our online photo-editor, built into our website, you will be able to upload your unique images. This tool will be made available shortly the campaign ends and we'll send you the right links for it. Don't worry, you'll get a chance to preview your order before we ship. Using our technology, we can process orders really fast

Why is your support so important?
Because you will help us obtain the necessary equipment needed to realize this product. This technology we're after can process orders really fast. And allows us to expand into even more sports. More importantly, you'll be joining us on this journey to become the centre for Whacker memorabilia! And of course, we would love to have your feedback on ways to improve. We're good listeners! So we would love to have you support reaching our goal in this campaign.

How will the funds be used?
The main purpose of these funds is to acquire the advanced printers needed to print on curved surfaces. We only plan to use the highest quality in whatever we produce and send to you.


What if we don't reach our goal?
We are still fully committed to delivering! There are alternative technologies and other equipment that will do the job. That's the reason this campaign is running on a Flexible Funding goal. We value your trust and will honour all orders placed with WhacktheEx.

Is there any other way I can support?
Sure! Here are 3 easy ways you can still make a BIG impact on this campaign:
Leave a comment or suggestion - we'd love to engage with you!
Broadcast it on all your socials - use the Indiegogo share tools!
Make some noise - tell your friends about it!

What are our core values?
To make you Smile at every Chance
To always Deliver what we Promise
To never skimp on Quality nor Style

The Founder

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