West African Timber
West African Timber

West African Timber goal is to open small timber mills in three countries, Sierra Leone, Angola and Nigeria. We already have offices set up in these countries. We have created this project to fill a need for tropical hardwood around the world and to create badly needed jobs.  Our company is in the start up stage having begun cutting timber in Sierra Leone for local consumption. With the proper support  of $500,000 we can reach the international market with milled and kiln dried timber. 


We will create over 150 needed jobs and we only hire and train the local people.


Critical factors in the production and delivery of our product is our ability and knowledge in west Africa. We are able to move our product quickly because of our strong connections in west Africa. We also have a distinct advantage in the market place because of our speed to market and knowledge of our surroundings. This comes from 25 years of experience in Africa.


Although all companies have some sort of risk albeit sales, production etc., we fell our risks are minimal, with the fact that we are already established in Africa. Our greatest risk we have in our business today are the stability of the governments. As we have seen in the past, they have a tendency to change without notice. We fell we can overcome these risks because we will be working out of more then one country. If there is a problem in one country we will increase production in an other. Fortunately, the countries we are working in have been stable for some time and show no signs of becoming otherwise.


With proper support, the opportunities before us are significant, we have the opportunity to dominate a niche in the marketplace and become a major force in the industry.

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