WeekDate: The high tech calendar for people who love paper.
WeekDate: The high tech calendar for people who love paper.


 Balancing the phone between your ear and shoulder... trying to do a million things... suddenly the voice on the phone tells you that your monthly book club or weekly status meeting has been moved to another day of the month or week. While some scramble through each month or week to make the change, the smart person has a WeekDate calendar... makes the change once and Voilà! – done for the year. Only Write It Once. Now, you're that smart person. Welcome to WeekDate.The beauty of the WeekDate planner is you only write each event once. Even for weekly, monthly, on-the-date recurring events.



Monthlies on top.

Monthlies are activities that occur every month on the same day. For example, your book club or cycling group meets the fourth Thursday of every month.


Weeklies on bottom.

Weeklies are events that occur every week such as yoga class that is every Tuesday morning or your Weekly Status Meeting on Wednesday afternoons. This is basically your set weekly schedule.


Specifics in between.

Specifics are everyday things that need to go specifically on a date, such as a doctor's appointment, lunch with a friend, or a business meeting.

These specific pages are color coded so you know where you are in the month at all times. (1st week, 2nd week, etc.)


Life all over.

To control your life, simply look in one column each day to see all your appointments. But guess what? You only wrote it once!



Our 2016 Weekly Planner comes in six different cover choices. We're introducing an exclusive cover only available to the Kickstarter community!



I have a background in programming and design, so when I see a better way, I need to make it happen.

After many years of using both digital and traditional planners, I realized that I'm a paper girl at heart.  But after a while, I got fed up with having to repeatedly write my recurring events.  I knew there had to be a creative way to always view events that happen over and over – but only write them one time.  In this way I could see my daily tasks right alongside my monthly and weekly set schedule and stay on top of my time better.  

After creating a prototype, I had the patent application filed and had launched the product in time for Christmas sales! It's been a while since that first WeekDate calendar and I've made many improvements by listening to people. I work very hard to deliver the best possible (made in the USA) paper planner at the best possible price.



Yes, I've been doing this a while now. I know there are many paper-loving people out there who would die to know that WeekDate exists and how it would make their lives easier.  I constantly get passionate emails from my current customers telling me how WeekDate organizes their lives.  It is for these customers and future customers that I want to – that I need to – spread the WeekDate word. 

This is where Kickstarter comes in.  The Kickstarter funding will be used to take WeekDate to a new level via marketing, advertising and WeekDate promotion.

So help me get to the marketing meetings, the advertising agency, and the website promotions.  Come with me on this journey to tell the world about my unique calendar system - A Calendar Like No Other.  Every backer will be there in spirit.  I thank you from the bottom of my WeekDate heart.

I never forget that when one of my WeekDate planners is tucked away in the purse or briefcase of a customer, a little piece of me goes along for the ride.



This timeline is based on the estimate from the printing company for printing and assembling 1000 planners/month.


  • Sep 9 - Campaign Launch Day! 

  • Oct 7 - Campaign ends 

  • Oct 8 - Survey goes out to backers 

  • Oct 8 - Printing company begins printing pages 

  • Oct 15 - All surveys should be back with cover selections 

  • Oct 15 - Printing company begins printing cover selections based on backer's surveys

  • Nov 9 - Early Bird (first month) calendars completed and begin to ship based on first come, first served basis from survey (estimated date) 

  • Nov 10 - Printing company begin Regular Bird (second month) calendars

  • Dec 7 - Regular Bird (second month) calendars completed and begin to ship (estimated date)

  • Dec 8 - Printing company begins Better-Late-Than-Never Bird (third month) calendars 

  • Jan 4 - Better-Late-Than-Never Bird (third month) calendars completed and begin to ship (estimated date)

  • Jan 5 - Printing company begins Still-Want-It-In-February Reward (fourth month) calendars

  • Feb 1 - Still-Want-It-In-February Reward (fourth month) calendars completed and begin to ship (estimated date)

Of course, if at all possible, I will ship early!



  • January 2016 - December 2016

  • Every WeekDate Weekly Planner comes with it's very own fantastic WeekDate pencil

  • Closed dimensions are 9" x 4½"

  • Please note this is a Monday - Sunday calendar

  • Introducing the new "WeekDate Time Tracker to watch your time go by throughout the year.

  • Use it the traditional WeekDate way … Or … set it up as a tent calendar on your desk or countertop!

  • Monthlies to track your recurring monthly events

  • Weeklies to record your weekly set schedule

  • Specifics to jot your every day appointments - you see two weeks at a time for planning purposes!

  • Just look in one column to see all your activities for the day.

  • Back cover features 2016 full year view

  • New "Monthly Views" before each calendar month

  • Full notes/goals/to-do's page before each month

  • Seven fun Simple Cover Designs!

  • Hide or show your "Monthlies" flap. You decide!

  • Use your "Weeklies" flap to save your place in the year.

  • Unique "Only Write It Once" design

  • Every page has a tiny monthly view!

  • Current year (2016) and next year (2017) views.



Customer Reviews

"OMG Week Date is the best! ... I take out my WeekDate calendar, and people immediately crowd around like I just started performing magic tricks like a David Blaine wannabe."

"I didn't know about this product and all I can say is: Oh, my God! How did I live without this before? How come no one thought of that before?"

"I heard of WeekDate through one of the ADHD resources I use... I just can't remember which one! I am very excited to use my WeekDate, and am looking forward to the relief it will bring. Thank you - for creating the perfect calendar!!!"

"I just wanted you to know how much I love my calendar! I'm a homeschooler, and I got an email through a homeschool email loop about your calendars. I can't tell you how much easier this is making my life--it's saving my sanity!!"

"It's actually a simple concept... Why didn't I think of this?"

"I need one of these now!!!!!!! My sanity may depend on it!"

"This is my second year with WeekDate and I wouldn't use any other calendar ever! Love my WD!! :)"

What? And you can set it up as a tent calendar?
What? And you can set it up as a tent calendar?


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