Weed Snatcher, The Ultimate Crack & Crevice Weeding Tool
Weed Snatcher, The Ultimate Crack & Crevice Weeding Tool








Ok Weed Snatcher future backers, just when you thought life could not get better our ingenuous engineering team has future thoughts on expanding our line to diversify and augment your outdoor activities. 

 Think about it, one tool bag, less searching time for misc tools (more relaxing time after tasks are done). Yes, not only will you have the most advanced yard tools but all in one place inside a quality bag. 

 So what is in the bag? Only high quality, tough built heads that fit the original Weed Snatcher handle for simple 2 second exchanges. A garden weeder, cultivator, broom, tiller ……….



After attending the National Hardware Lawn and Garden Show in Las Vegas in 2004, I walked the show to see what was new that year. Most products looked the same. No one really was changing the way the world gardens.  

So, I got back on the plane headed for home. Ten minutes into the flight I thought of the idea to put wheels on both sides of a hook to remove weeds and debris from the cracks and crevices of driveways, sidewalks, patios and wood decking. The Weed Snatcher was born.

The first prototype was complete. We took a wood long-handled 3 prong cultivator, removed 2 of the prongs, added a couple of wheels, got the right angle set in relation to the wheels and it was done. We then made our first homemade video to demonstrate the tool and show what benefits it provides.  

Next, I needed to think about producing it for the masses. I had a few more prototypes created using steel and aluminum for the handle, still the unit was to long for shipping. I then made a prototype that incorporated a telescoping handle, that would now let kids and adults alike use the Weed Snatcher. Along the way, I added a weeding head to take care of patios and wood decking.  

Now the latest prototype, incorporates a fiberglass, telescoping handle with a (3-6 foot Extension), and added a quick-change head unit.


 After completion of the final prototype, I secured the number one pole manufacturer in China, had them create the tooling, and produce the first pre-production Weed Snatcher Units.















 Tooling is now complete, Patents have been granted, Trademark secured, domain name secured. 

 Now I need your help to secure the first production units of the Weed Snatcher. Obtaining the first productions will allow me to fulfill my commitments to you the backers as well as add this tool to my current line of lawn and garden tools. 

 Once I have production units in hand I will then go to HSN, QVC and the Big Box retailers and offer them a unique, innovative line of tools. 

 Since my first launch of the Weed Snatcher, I have negotiated a lower minimum of units, which allows me to lower my funding needed for the first production run. 

Many people have contacted me asking when the tool will be available, help me get this into production and into the market for sale. 

Thank you for your support. 

Jonathan Ruppert - Inventor Contact me if you have any concerns or questions. 

sales@ruppertgardentools.com or jon@thehomegardenandpetstore.com




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