We Kids from 118B
We Kids from 118B

This project has already launched.

We’re Team Dissoid, a small group of creative writers and animators. We would like to present our first ever Indiegogo campaign called “We kids from 118B”.

We want to create a pilot episode, and kick off the adventures of Liam and Keith, two brothers who relocate to the small town of Mellow Meadows and befriend the neighbourhood kids.

The story begins sometime in the early 1990ies, when the two brothers move into the new apartment with their mom. Liam, the older of the two brothers, isn't happy at all with the relocating of the small family and his new home in the vast apartment complex. He feels awkward around the neighbourhood kids while his happy go lucky little brother is settling in just fine. Will Liam succeed to convince his mother to move away again?

The plan is to produce a cartoon series revolving around the kids' wacky adventures together. The pilot can work as a stand alone short movie, but the idea is to create the first episode for an ongoing series.

The inspiration for the series comes from the writers Nadja Stohler and Nini Sembinelli, who grew up together and have been best friends for over 20 years. 

As you may know / heard before, animation can be slow and tedious work. The more funding we get, the more time we can take to work on the project and the faster weare able to release the video. 

The short movie will be done, one way or the other, and it also has a deadline. We are planning to pitch our series to producers and networks at the cartoon forum 2017 in Toulouse and participate with it at festivals.

We have cool perks for fans of animation and our work and are updating our followers regurarly on Indiegogo and our other social media outlets. Here's our official Facebook page, and this link will take you to our companies webpage.

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