We Are gods! The Novel
We Are gods! The Novel

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We are publishing a novel.

When Government and Big Business lord it over mankind. These entities need to remember that all humans have an inherent god complex.

We Are gods! The Novel

Everyone has a story in their head that just has to be told, and if you do not tell the story, it will not leave you alone. Some of us have multiple stories in our head. We Are gods! is one of those stories in my head. Really, it is pictures and images like a dream you have while you are awake.

To tell the truth, We Are gods! started off as a movie idea I had in 1999. At that time, the movie had no title. I would just imagine, what if you had a main character in a movie that you never saw, but the movie could not be a success, it could not happen, without him or her? What if this character could change people's lives and the majority of those people he helped never really met him? One more what if... what if he, and those who joined him, started something and the end result changed the world?

Ok, back to reality. But really, this movie never left my head and gradually it grew into a world inside my head. I never had the money, nor the courage, to share this movie with anyone. For that matter, I never wrote it down.

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A Story inside a Story

In 2006, I started planning to build a house. Being the general contractor, I was responsible for bringing all of the pieces and people together to build a house. Most of my friends and family had said that such a task would be very difficult, especially since the most a lender would loan me was a $136,000 dollars. In 2006, you could never build a house with those limited funds. I asked for support from family and friends and no one was willing to get sucked into one of my crazy ideas. Yes, I had plenty of crazy ideas and some of them would blow up in my face when I tried to institute them. That never stopped me though.

Why did i tell you that story? Because despite everything, I built that house, in 2007, it was completed, just as the real estate market exploded. Yep, right in my face, as well as in so many other faces. It was desperate times for the rich, the middle class, and I do not even know how the poor survived. Big companies were falling apart. Banks were filing for bankruptcies or just closing their doors. You remember. Prices for food, gas and the basic necessities was on the rise.

Even with all of that going on, my family and I moved into that house in October of 2007. This was at great cost to my savings account, my checking account, and my 401k, not to mention to my mental health. You can say I give up, but I did not. I am happy to say, today, I am still living in my house.

First Cover Design. What do you think?

We Are gods!

The prologue!

When Government and Big Business assume their positions to lord it over mankind.

These entities need to remember that all humans have an inherent god complex. In fact these words were spoken by a very influential person “you are gods.” Those who choose to lord it over others need to remember mankind's inherent right to their own godship.

As mankind realizes that their godship has slowly been stripped away from them, there will be consequences. The restless part of society, the part that speaks out for those less fortunate, wether as an individual or as a group will lash out. Sometimes their anger may not be exposed as violent, it may even be disguised, cloaked, or take the form of a covert operation, or corporate espionage, and other times it will be very chaotic and violent.

The governments of the world’s that have past saw firsthand such outbreaks. Ask yourself where is mighty Egypt, do you recall the influential Babylonian Dynasty, how about the stealthy and merciless Media Persia, does anybody even remember the long standing Dominance of Assyria, or the great and powerful domination of Greece, how about the All Conquering Roman Empire and even today the Dual World Powers of modern times are shaken and made unstable, by the human spirit that yearns to be free, to exercise their own godship over their own private domain?

With each passing world, man and women alike have achieved more supposed freedom than those who have come before them. However they will discover that they have lost their true inheritance.

Though the story being fictitious, and the events therein are not based on any reality, that I am aware of, it will move you, it will cause you to stand up and exclaim, “I am free and it is my God Given right to choose my own designation.” You will be motivated to do something about the injustice’s that are all around you.

You will wake up tomorrow to the dawn of a new era. Perhaps you will exclaim We Are gods.

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Back to the reason, you are here.

There is more to that story, but I will stop here and just say, I learned a lot about myself and the starting of a big project. After that, I swore to myself that I would write down all my dreams that are in my head and start completing them. It does not matter if they become well known. The only thing that matters is that I complete them. This is where We Are gods! and all the other creative ideas in my head start.

In 2008, I sat down and started writing a movie script for We Are gods! but, I must remind you, I still did not have a title. It took me half a day, at a bed and breakfast on my wedding anniversary, to write two paragraphs. Then, I took my wife to dinner and never returned to the story.

In July 2014, I ruptured my L5 disk. It was a complete blowout. For a few weeks, I had paralysis in my left leg from my buttocks to my big toe. I walked with a limp and sometimes dragging my left leg. I had to have surgery and could not go to work for 16 weeks. I was prohibited, by my surgeon, to not even lift five pounds.

It was at this point, We Are gods! became a reality. Yes, I finally had a title for my movie. I wrote everyday, for 12 weeks. I decided to write it just as if I was watching my own personal movie.


Though the story is complete, I feel like I need real critics to tell me if it is ready for prime time. This is where you come in. Every backer of this project will get a full preview of this novel/movie script. From $1.00 and up, everyone will either get a Ebook or PDF copy of the book.

Here is the really special part of this project, only those who support this Kickstarter.com project will get this full preview. You will also have an opportunity to critique the novel/movie script.

After all is said and done, I will release the book to the market as a novel, with the hope that the story is popular enough to be turned into a movie.

Some may want to know more about the book. All I will say is if the project reach certain milestones, I will do a reveal via an update. The first milestone is listed below.

Milestone 1

If this project is fortunate enough to reach 100 backers, I will reveal some information about one of the characters as well as a line or two from that character.

Stay tuned in for the updates.


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