Wayuu Backpack: Support Colombian Hand Craftsmanship
Wayuu Backpack: Support Colombian Hand Craftsmanship

This project has already launched.

Help us to support hand craftsmanship & empower indigenous women. Our backpack tells a story of tradition, culture & heritage.

We have one goal with this Kickstarter: to change lives.

Every pledge supports and provides work for indigenous women in Colombia, supporting local artisans and preserving hand craftsmanship.

Ethically made with unique patterns our bags preserve Colombian heritage and provide jobs to local women of the Wayuu people in Northern Colombia. The collection is made using the finest hand crochet techniques and with 100% soft leather. We want to maintain the human element in our products whilst keeping alive a tradition and making a social impact.

Stylish and versatile the Wayuu backpack will go everywhere you go, whether it’s everyday life in your city or discovering new places. The Wayuu bag represents self-expression and self-discovery; take it with you on your adventures and together we can explore the world.

It is important to clarify that we are not a charity. We are a consumer brand with a social mission that supports local artisans and helps to provide jobs to women living in challenging conditions.

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