Watson's Wonder Emporium's Mouth Care Line
Watson's Wonder Emporium's Mouth Care Line

This project has already launched.

Watson's Wonder Emporium is all about harnessing the power of nature to heal, and moving towards a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle. Right now I'm in the "working with what I have/fundraising/planning/blogging" stage, so I don't have a whole lot to offer. But, with a little support from the community, I hope to have a plethora of homemade organic goodies to share with everyone! 

The Healthy Mouth Care line is the first thing on my list that I want to be able to make available to the public. But to do that, I'm going to need a little help with funding. Startup costs for each line of products adds up quick and with 4 children, it gets hard to save up for anything not 100% immediately necessary for the household. So I have decided to attempt crowd funding to get my little business started.

For more information on the ingredients in store bought toothpastes; and why it's important for your overall health to switch over to an organic toothpaste, head on over to my blog! And don't forget to hit the sign up button in the top right corner to show your support and stay up to date!

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