Waterproof Fishing Drone!
Waterproof Fishing Drone!

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Hey folks, Thanks for following our journey!   See our episode on CNBC's Make Me A Millionaire Inventor.  

 Introducing the world’s only waterproof fishing drone! The all-weather, all-environment drone that is fully modular with quick change pod accessories that includes a fish finder pod, remote bait casting pod, waterproof camera pod for air and underwater images. Land on and take off from fresh and saltwater.  Fully modular, endless accessories.  The workhorse of drones, able to adapt to the user’s needs.  Ideal for watersports, sport fishing, commercial fishing, and industrial applications in any environment.

We're excited to announce we will be featured on CNBC's Make A Millionaire Inventor on November 17th. Tune in for our NEW DESIGN REVEAL!

Kickstarter campaign launches November 17th, featuring full video and photos of the newly designed AguaDrone & accessories in action.  See it on CNBC's Make Me A Millionaire Inventor.

Check out the AguaDrone's details below! 

The Drone: 

  • AguaDrone is a 100% Waterproof drone, capable of landing in and taking off from fresh or saltwater.  Our unique brushless motors allow for use in wet or dry conditions.  It’s the all-weather, all-environment drone!
  • AguaDrone’s patent pending, Quick Change accessory receiver allows for an array of accessories to attach with just a twist of the wrist.  No tools required. Reduced setup time means more time flying. 
  • The modular design means the drone adapts to your needs! Our drone is the workhorse of drones, designed to work for you! “She ain’t no one trick pony!”
  • With intuitive plug and play internal components, parts replacement is quick and easy. No extensive downtime. No costly repairs. No soldering.
  • Strong enough to carry up to a two pound payload.
  • Flight modes include:

o   Return home

o   Low battery failsafe mode

The Find Pod:

  • AguaDrone’s Sonar Pod is a 100% waterproof, self-contained, internal Wi-Fi enabled, fish finder that sends the fish finder images, water depths, and water temperatures to any Wi-Fi enabled handheld device.
  • The sonar is capable of reading depths down to 190 feet below the water’s surface, and sending information back to your tablet or smart phone up to 350 feet away.
  • The Sonar Pod comes equipped with a free Sonar App, allowing users’ easy access to the pod’s reported findings. Multiple users can log on to the app to view the sonar’s live feed.

The Find Pod App features include:

  • Display Type: iPhone or iPad, Android
  • Digital Depth Indicator
  • Water Temperature
  • Automatic Ranging
  • Fish Icon
  • Depth and Fish Alarm
  • Zoom Bottom Track
  • Keel Offset Setting
  • Noise Rejection
  • Surface Clarity
  • Battery Indicator
  • WiFi Wireless Link

The Fish Pod:

  • AguaDrone’s Fish Pod is a remotely operated, payload release system, capable of carrying a payload of up to 2 pounds and releasing it remotely with the push of a button.
  • The  Fish Pod can be used to carry bait and lures to those hard to reach areas, beyond the surf line and to those previously inaccessible waterways. Simply fly your bait or lure out and drop it with the push of a button.
  • The Fish Pod is also used for skip bait fishing in deep ocean water for big game fish. When the fish strike your bait or lure, our patent pending tension release arm will release the line and allow you to manually operate your rod and reel.

The Film Pod:

  • Capture your experience from the air and under the water’s surface with our Film Pod!
  • The Film Pod is a 100% waterproof, HD video with an image resolution up to 16 Mega pixels, 4X zoom, unique 220” HD wide-angle lens that allows the user to video 360 pano footage and many other angles to capture your experience.
  • The Film Pod comes equipped with a micro SD card slot, capable of holding up to 64 GB card. Film hours of footage from the air or under the water’s surface.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, send imagery to any Wi-Fi enable smartphone or tablet.
  • The Film Pod’s app allows users to control the camera’s view from a smartphone or tablet.


So what problems does AguaDrone solve? 

  • Problem:  A large amount of resources  (fuel, time) are wasted by commercial fishing vessels in search of fish.
  • Solution: AguaDrone expands searching capabilities at a fraction of the cost and reduces resource needs.
  • Problem:  Casting from sea shore beyond the break is difficult and next to impossible.
  • Solution: AguaDrone can remotely fly your line beyond the break.
  • Problem: Most drones are “one trick ponies,’ capable of only flying and taking pictures.
  • Solution: AguaDrone’s unique quick change pod system allows the drone to adapt to the user’s needs.
  • Problem: Folks fishing from shore are limited in their ability to search for fish and limited in their casting distance.
  • Solution: Aguadrone can remotely fly out and check for fish with its sonar fish finding pod, and is capable of taking your line remotely to those previously inaccessible waterways.


 So what opportunity does AguaDrone bring to its users?

Opportunity:  As sensors and technology find their way onto and deployed via drones, AguaDrone will add these sensors and technology into our pods and expand the existing drone platform's uses, quickly and easily.  No need to purchase multiple platforms. And as AguaDrone’s family of accessories expand, so does the adaptability of the drone.

We thank you for taking time to read about AguaDrone!  Our team is excited about the limitless possibilities of a fully modular waterproof drone.  We're thrilled to bring this technology to everyone who love drones, fishing, the great outdoors, and a smarter drone platform that will grow in use as our family of accessories grows.  We are a veteran owned, father-son team from the US, looking forward to seeing AguaDrone "take off!"

Check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, see more at www.aguadrone.com  

Best Fishes,

Team AguaDrone! 

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