Waterleaks unlimited web hosting service in return
Waterleaks unlimited web hosting service in return

This project has already launched.

We are a group of open source software developers, who are working hard on finishing waterleaks: A free service for providing humankind an easy to use platform for reporting the exact position of potable water leaks anytime, anywhere.


The place we live has many potable water leaks, because it is a neighborhood full of trees close to the potable water pipelines. Those pipes are broken by the roots of the trees as they continue to grow. Most people are indifferent with regards to the potable water leakage, mainly because of the effort they need to call the local potable water organization and tell them about the leak. After their calls, the issue may still unresolved due to the lack of an exact location of the leakage. The points we show on this demo are true potable water leaks that we found while walking different routes everyday.

We offer in return

An unlimited web hosting service with these features:

Disk capacity: unlimited 100% SSD
Monthly transfer: unlimited
Hosted domains: unlimited
Hosted subdomians: unlimited
MySQL databases: unlimited
Dedicated IPv6: unlimited
SSL certificates: unlimited
Custom NS: unlimited
Secondary DNS: unlimited
FTP accounts: unlimited
WebDAV accounts: unlimited

Domains .cf .ga .gq .tk .ml: unlimited
Web: Apache 2.4 with Fast-CGI
PHP: 7.0 and 7.x with opcache
Password protected directories
Backups & one click installers

Seven reasons to trust us

1) We are open source developers contributing to build a world of peace making a responsible use of technology: our project.
2) We contribute to maintain and improve ISPConfig web hosting control panel: our stats.
3) We improve continously the service: upcoming features.
4) We provide DNS with high availability.
5) We provide SSL encryption grade A.
6) We provide NTP stratum 2 services.
7) We provide IPv6 connectivity.

Our needs

We need around 12,000 USD for finishing waterleaks and especially for maintaining the platform during the first years, so that the responsible government organizations around the world are able to receive and manage the important information as soon as one water leak has been reported.

Our goal

The first country we want to implement this platform is Malaysia (Starting on July 2017). The second one Mexico (October 2017). If it successful then start to integrate more countries after gaining enough prestige, to convince the potable organizations employees around the world for using our permanently free service.

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