Hey there,  

My buddy Cipi and I came up with a fresh idea for an artsy puzzle game which we named Watercolors. The game is simple and fun. The three primary colors can be combined into secondary colors. When all three primary colors meet they simply clear the circle. To complete a level you have to fill in the glowing circles with the indicated color. 


We were inspired by the childhood times when we used to play with watercolors, splashing around with colors and foolling around creating all sorts of silly shapes. We were discussing at some point about how much we used to love those times and how almost every person in the world has a memory of that kind. We wanted to somehow recreate this feeling, but keeping it fun for adults as well. So we took that, combined it with our love for puzzles and designed Watercolors. 

A cold description would be that Watercolors is about combining colors and solving puzzles. It would be a mistake though to describe it like that. It's not only that.  

We've worked really hard to obtain a state of the art drawing experience. It's all about the awesome feeling sensation, the incredible pleasure you get from simply swiping your finger and dragging colors while solving all these mind challenging puzzles we've prepared. 

Watercolors will be released 1'st of July only on the App Store. 

We would really love your opinion about it, so please check it out even if for a few seconds. We really think you'll like it :)

Here are some resources so you can form a better opinion: 

- Website (with teaser level) -> http://watercolorsapp.com/

- Youtube video presentation -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zNalcNgmIQ

- Press kit -> http://watercolorsapp.com/watercolors_press_kit.zip

- Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/watercolorsapp

- Twitter -> https://twitter.com/watercolorsapp

Please email me for any comments or questions: ancu@adonissoft.com. 



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