Watercolor Prints by Rebecca Case for Exhibition & Sale
Watercolor Prints by Rebecca Case for Exhibition & Sale

Hi all, my name is Rebecca Case

I am a new watercolor artist, seeking funds to help me create high-quality Giclee prints of my art that I can use to enter into exhibits, display at art shows and sell. 

Giclees are close-to-original prints, and the photography and setup fees are expensive for each painting to do. Your help in this project will allow me to get started showcasing my art to a wider audience.

Perks for this project are prints of my work, so you'll be able to have an original print that you directly helped have made. I'll also include a signed letter with the print, showing it is an original from the artist and thanking you for supporting me.  The paintings available as perks are as follows:


My recently completed project and fourth painting, the Getty Gardens (original size 22" x 30"):




My previous project and third painting I've completed, a cozy winter scene from Flagstaff, Arizona (original size 12" x 16"):



Also available for prints, my second painting, a Japanese garden scene (original size 16" x 12"):




I hope you like my work. Your help and support will enable me to bring my paintings to local and regional showcases, and allow me to create even more items that bring the detail of our amazing world to life through my brush and the very challenging medium of watercolor.

I truly appreciate any and all support I receive. It will help me on my way to sharing my art with the world. If you can't pledge, please help by sharing with your social network, commenting on my project and liking it. You can also follow me on Facebook.

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