WatchTags – Smart sensors to monitor the safety of your home.
WatchTags – Smart sensors to monitor the safety of your home.

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What is WatchTags?

WatchTags is a simple and friendly home automation platform. It includes a family of monitoring sensors and a smartphone application. With WatchTags you can view the status of your garage door and/or door locks on the smartphone. The app will create an alert if you're leaving your house with the door open. Simple and easy to use, WatchTags are invaluable for that precious peace of mind.


- Simple to install: no special skills and tools required. Just stick it to the door

- Easy to use: no technical knowledge required

- Useful monitoring modes:

    - DayWatch: monitors if you left house with the door open

    - NightWatch: monitors if the door left open at night

- Economical: runs on one set of batteries long time (around one year)

- Safe: Independent from Internet, secure and private

- Autonomous: No internet or web account required

- Affordable: low unit cost and no subscription fee


How to buy

WatchTags will be offered for crowd-funding on one of the established platforms: . We are currently preparing the campaign and collecting interested customers. By subscribing to this page (see big box: Notify Me) you will receive notification when the campaign starts. And then, you will be able to back the project and receive WatchTags or other appreciation gift in exchange for you contribution (learn more about how crowd-funding works). 


Who we are

WatchTags is designed by two engineers Alex and Paul in their spare time. They are passionate about applying technology to make life less stressful and making technology easier to use. 

The idea came up organically: being parents, having kids, homes, busy and at times hectic life it did not take long before we started to look for the smart way to solve that nagging question: Did I close the garage door? The answer was WatchTags smart sensors. 

We designed and developed working prototypes, tested them in real conditions. Now we are at the point where we need to prepare and launch manufacturing. We are excited about the opportunity to directly interact with our customers and commited to deliver the product that will make your life more enjoyable.

Thank you!

Alex & Paul


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