watchBar - Wooden Charging Base for Apple Watch
watchBar - Wooden Charging Base for Apple Watch

This project has already launched.

About this project


The idea behind the watchBAR was to find a way to improve the appearance of the Apple Watch charger and incorporate natural products into a modern environment. The design is simple and blends well with the Apple products it is designed to compliment.


The watchBAR is made from locally purchased hardwoods that are plentiful and sustainable. These woods are unique, durable, beautiful and continue the legacy of high quality handmade furniture made by craftspeople using these same woods for generations. Each watchBAR is finished with a durable sating varnish.

watchBARs will be made in the following six varieties:








The watchBARs are designed to be durable and easy to use. The two halves of the watchBAR are held together with four, strong neodymium magnets. Strong enough to keep the two halves aligned and in place, but light enough to make sliding the two halves apart take little effort. A fifth magnet is used to hold the Apple Watch charger in place. The lower half of the watchBAR has four silicone rubber bumpers to help keep it in place on your desk or nightstand without marring or scratching the finish of whatever it rests on. Unlike cheaper stick-on rubber feet that fall off easily, these bumpers have a small stem that is inserted into a drilled hole in the underside of the watchBAR. While removable if needed, they won’t fall off on their own. The underside of the upper half of the watchBAR hides a carefully milled channel for the charger’s cable. This channel is a close fit to the cable and keeps it in place, preventing any bends and twists that can shorten the charger’s usable life.  

Handcrafted in the USA

The watchBARs will be made in our small, Wasatch mountain woodshop in Provo, Utah. By backing this project you are supporting small businesses from the suppliers of the raw materials, to our family-owned woodshop. We put our fifteen years of woodworking experience, care, attention to detail, and craftsmanship into each piece we build. To minimize the chance of the wrong wood choice being sent to a backer, we’ll be producing and shipping the watchBARs in separate runs for each species. As soon as we receive funding, we will begin production of the watchBARs and will post frequent updates of the manufacturing process and progress to keep all backers up to date on their rewards.

Shipping Date

Since we already have the tooling and machinery setup and tested, we can begin manufacturing right away. We just need to buy the lumber  and get packaging made. Depending on the ultimate number of backers, we plan to have most watchBARs ship by January, 2018. If the funding goal is significantly surpassed, some orders could be a little later.

Funding Goal

Our funding goal is $3,000. While we already have the machinery in place to make the watchBARS, being able to purchase the needed raw materials in higher quantity does make the watchBARs more affordable. We also need to get packaging made which we cannot produce in our shop. We believe this will also help us bring other designs to market in the future to integrate more natural products into our technology laden lives.


Does the watchBAR come with the charging cable?
No. You need to use an Apple Watch charging cable with the watchBAR.

Can I use my current Apple Watch charging cable with the watchBAR?

Which watch bands will the watchBAR work with?
The watchBAR was designed for use with Apple Watches that have the two-piece band. It is meant for them to lay flat on it. Because of this, it doesn't work well with the Milanese loop style of band. You can slide the watch over the end of the bar and charge that way, but it's not ideal. We're working on another design specific to the Milanese loop style bands.

Which versions of the Apple Watch will the watchBAR work with?
All of them! The charging cable has been the same dimensions from Series 1 through Series 3. The 38mm watch does look a little smaller than the 42mm against the watchBAR of course, but it works just fine for all models.

Can I use the watchBAR for anything besides a charging base for my Apple Watch?
While not officially recommended, the two halves of the watchBAR could be used a melee weapons against the eventual zombie horde.

Risks and challenges

To minimize the possibility of manufacturing mistakes, we’ve put a lot of effort into designing and creating specific jigs for each part of the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and quality. Of course, with the manufacture of any product there are risks. We believe our planning and preparation has minimized these risks by allowing for the purchase or more wood than is necessary so that any parts that do not meet our strict quality standards can be replaced, ensuring the highest quality product for each backer.

If the final funding amount is significantly higher than the funding goal, it may take a little longer to get all orders fulfilled but we'll ship as quickly as our quality standards allow.

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