WasteLess - Stockholm's first Packaging-Free Supermarket
WasteLess - Stockholm's first Packaging-Free Supermarket

This project has already launched.

WasteLess will be Stockholm's first and only 100% packaging-free, organic supermarket. We want to reinvent the way we shop today, and offer a real alternative to the wasteful ways of the established supermarkets.

No more shrink-wrapped vegetables; no more single-use coffee pods; no more being bombarded by big-brand advertising.

At WasteLess, everything will be sold in loose-weight. Simply bring along your own empty containers, fill them up with your item of choice, and pay only for the product you want - not the packaging you don't.

Skipping the one-time packaging not only saves the environment, but it saves you money as well. And not having to deal with daily piles of rubbish saves your sanity!

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