Washable Writing Medium Inspired by Paper
Washable Writing Medium Inspired by Paper

Washable Writing Medium Inspired by Paper



An environment friendly reusable and washable sketching medium for Children, Students and Creative Professionals.

 A perfect medium designed for all truly washable markers, crayons and pens.

It's TYVEK from DuPont. Together let''s save some trees!


Have Fun With Crayola Washable Markers


Letterforms is an environment friendly, functional and re-usable expressive medium. 100% made in USA and finished in California. You'll love the minimal design!

Why letterforms?

More than 75% of the content we scribble everyday ends up in the trash. Most of the drawings done by kids sadly ends up in the trash as it is impossible to store everything. Even though we may take a picture of their drawing using a digital device, the physical medium (paper) doesn't last for years. Students always look for papers to practice subjects like math but most of the time, the paper and the content lasts only for days. Professionals at workplace take down notes, action items, brainstorm ideas and doodle using a paper but once the content is translated to a digital device, the physical content is not required anymore. In other words, most of the content written in a notebook is for daily and short term use. More than the content, your priceless physical touch on the paper also ends up in the recycle bin. There is no perfect medium designed for washable makers and crayons.

So, why not a medium which is as simple as paper but reusable that can last for years and totally washable. So we designed a medium that supports all truly washable marker pens.

The Kit (What you get?)

Letterforms Expressive Medium Kit Includes:

  • 2 Letterforms Mediums (8.5 x 11 Inch)
  • Stabilo Point 68 Art Pens (2 QTY)
  • 8 ML Water Sprayer
  • Re-usable Wipe Cloth (8x8 Inch)
  • Magnetic Letterbox Enclosure (9x12x1 Inch)

Learn More at http://www.letterforms.org

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