Washable Universal Magnetic Pacifier Tether
Washable Universal Magnetic Pacifier Tether


The Kickstarter campaign was live for three days and the response was incredible. We made the difficult decision to cancel the kickstarter and fund this project independently. So standby, the tether is still coming.... Just not through Kickstarter!


PROBLEM STATEMENT Existing pacifier clips are very poorly designed - they stain, they rust, and they get thrown away. So we set out to engineer a better solution: 

INTRODUCING The PWODUX Pacifier Tether, a one-piece overmolded tether, with no seams, connections, cracks or absorptive materials to collect gunk. It's also stain-proof dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 

The custom triangular loop design ensures a universal fit to every almost pacifier we've been able to get our hands on, except the gumdrop pacifier that's handed out at hospitals.

It uses a magnetic clasp for easy one-hand attachment and removal, and a universal loop design compatible with just about any common pacifier. 

Follow our progress at pwodux.com

Or Instagram @pwodux

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