War Zone Media Film Production Arm
War Zone Media Film Production Arm

War Zone Media Arts is an independent media outlet and think-tank started by a few young guys in North-West Florida who believe that every Generation needs a new revolution. The Goal of this company is to spark revolution through the creative means by which we are gifted. Radio, Podcast, Blogs and Film-making is just the beginning.

We are now currently working to fund our Film Production arm of WZMA. That means getting new equipment for filming, funding for the individual films and distribution.

With our upcoming Kickstarter, we hope to get the initial and vital first funds to kick this project into gear. Without you, our dreams of film-making will not be possible.

Our Story

This is the story of a few nobodies who have a dream. In 2012, Brandon Warr started War Zone Media Arts to share radical ideas, theology and entertainment with people from all over the world. Since then, we have been creating blogs, movie reviews and a weekly radio show all while supporting our families and giving this generation a chance to start a new revolution.

Now we want to see our creativity and ideas translate to film. For Brandon, it is a childhood dream come true. The opportunity to start conversations and influence ideas through film and the internet is a valuable achievement in our day and age.

With the kind folks who back us on our Kickstarter, we pray that this is just the beginning of a long-awaited dream come true. We really cannot do any of this without your help!

Plans and Upcoming Projects

With the funding of this Kickstarter campaign, we hope to continue our work in broadcast media and Youtube with an added level of enhanced quality. We hope to bring short films, documentaries and feature films both to digital distribution and free on Youtube.

Here is a short list of Films in the works:

A feature film based on some of the internet's most popular Creepypastas (In the Writing and pre-Production stage)

A short film loosely based on the book "Mortification of Sin" (Written and Casted; pre-Production)

A short film adaptation of "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka (Writing)

A Documentary about Ministry burn-out among young Pastors.

and many more...

Here is a link to our Amazon Wish List to give you an idea of some of the equipement we are going to need...http://amzn.com/w/245EVY0MAK91B

Help us make all of this a reality!

Thanks and God Bless.

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