War-Angel (The Movie)
War-Angel (The Movie)

My name is Matthew Carter, and I am sharing my story to help others with HIV. This film centers around the struggles I dealt with growing up. I was attracted to men since age 5, and I have been shunned and beaten for years because of it. I have been attacked and many attempts to take my life have been made. I survived the beatings only to contract HIV from someone I loved, and neglected to tell me their status. I asked for death, but it didn't come. My curse became my blessing, and I decided to start a nonprofit and inspire others, but I need your support to do this. help me tell my story.

A Real Desire is a 501c3, community driven organization that strives to help people of all ages and cultures. We provide an avenue to help reduce crime in communities while building individuals mind, body, and soul. Educating them in ways that they can build their careers in the entertainment field, and pass on to others what they take away from us.

We are raising funds to produce our first INSPIRATIONAL, ACTION, DRAMA, FANTASY, BIOGRAPHY, full featured film. The film is based on the true life events of Matthew Carter dealing with being bisexual, bullied, and living life with AIDS.

Story Synopsis:
A story of a young man dealing with bisexuality growing up in the black church, being bullied, and attacked to the point that he was almost killed more than once. He survived the attacks only to find out his ex gave him HIV. Just when death seemed definite, he is saved by an angel of God and decides fight and save all he can after a transformation that will amaze you.

We hope you support this film so that we can continue help others. Thank you and God bless.

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