Wanderful.life - Traveling the world with backpacks and kids!
Wanderful.life - Traveling the world with backpacks and kids!

Our family consists of Camden (Age 1 ), Lindsay (Age 6), Haley and Stephen. We recently booked a flight to Asia and we've been backpacking here for the last few months. Our children are learning and experiencing so much about the world that we have decided to keep a blog to document our travel. 

We'll use the pledges that we receive from this Kickstarter to help promote our blog, and build it up so we get the word out. The word is this: You CAN and SHOULD travel with your children, before it's too late! So many families live a 9-5 lifestyle and only take one week of the year off. During that week they travel to the nearest, largest tourist attraction to their home ( generally the same place they've been the last 5 years) and then after that week is over they go back home to start the work year over again. Secretly, these families dream of traveling the world, but they all have the same reasons and excuses not to:

  • Not able to afford it
  • Don't have enough time. My job wont allow me, etc.
  • Too hard to make an incredible journey across the world with kids.

We want to show you that you CAN afford it, you can MAKE the time, and the most fulfilling thing ever is seeing your child after you've made that journey. Traveling with your children may sound tough, but it's not if you do it the right way. There's tricks and things you need to know. Some things we found out the hard way, some things we researched for months and months and finally learned. We want our blog to help simplify all of that and make the trip that much easier and satisfying. 

Here's what the Kickstarter pledges will go towards:

  • DSLR Camera - $1000
  • Web Design for the blog - $2000
  • Marketing and Promoting - $4000
  • The additional funds will help us put a lot more effort into maintaining the blog while sustaining the current lifestyle on the road.

We have plans to travel South America, Europe and Africa and more, so follow along!

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