WAKOTA: the enchanted island.
WAKOTA: the enchanted island.

This project has already launched.

-It´s your world. 

Wakota is an island, located in the middle of the ocean. It is inhabited by creatures you have not seen before, in areas you do not know yet. You are the only one of your kind. No one can or wants to tell you what you want to know. No one knows what you're doing on the island or where you came from. Explore the world as you wish. 

You have the opportunity to walk through the desert, to explore the forest or to fight through the jungle. All paths are open to you from the beginning. At present, Wakota has five biomes that offer different levels of danger, challenges and opportunities.

-It´s your choice. 

You have the opportunity to decide: Join an alliance of creatures, grow food, build your own city, design your living space, fight, accomplish tasks. You can literally do anything you want. For real.

Let yourself be styled or chase a scorpion-ladybird in the desert. Make vases or plant a tree in the jungle. Make friends or enemies, lasagna or burger.


-It´s your life.

So far, you should have understood that literally you can do anything. Do everything you would like to do: Climb up the mountain, go diving, drink the milk with lactose. You know ...

Short overview: 

"WAKOTA: the enchanted island" is an RPG Adventure with a lot to offer.

1. Customizable Characters: change your outfits and your appearance and adapt your styling. In the Wakota world, you'll find all sorts of clothes and accessories to best underline your identity. You have the opportunity to make clothes by yourself, to steal them or to buy what you desire. Show your affiliation through your outfit. Let your clothes improve your skills.

2. Resources: Use tools or your hands to mine resources. Chop wood, crush rocks, get fruits, dig up treasures. Figure out which resource path is most appealing to you. You can even buy them with the right amount of money or trade with allies for other resources.

3. Crafting: Combine your resources and skills to create new items. You can make clothes, furniture, weapons and much more. In addition, you even have the opportunity to operate alchemy.

4. Agriculture: You have a large number of seeds that you can grow all over the world: from marigolds to coconuts, from dragon fruits to potatoes and snake-vegetables. Take care of your plants until the harvest.

5. Animal Breeding: You can also breed Lumps. They are not talkative, not smart either. But sweet and accompany you through the world, if you want it. In addition, they multiply faster than average, by the way. There are many types of Lumps: they can be affectionate, overly agile and happy. But also angry, aggressive or depressed. 

6. Housing: You can build and furnish your house, hut or cardboard box the way you would like. If you want, you can also dig inside a cave- here too, all means and ways are available to you. Decorate walls and floors. Place your home-made or self-bought furniture in your home.

7. Factions: Each species of creature belongs to a faction. You can make them your enemies or friends. That's your decision. Join a faction, spy for a second one, or bring all the factions against you.

8. Fight: You have an amazing number of ways to kill someone. Master handling the sword or broken bottle. It's up to you. Theoretically, you can even use alchemy or magic to kill your opponent. All fights are in realtime and different every time. (For people who can not see blood: we'll leave that out. Simply because a part of the team was against it.)

9. Skill System: There a many different skills your character can learn. Cooking, sneaking, lock picking or punching are just a few of them. The skills of your character can be improved in different ways: Boost your power with equipment, flasks or just by practicing. 

10. Story: Uncover the story of the enchanted island and try to find out the origin of yourself. Each faction has an extensive background story to explore. Find out more about the stories by making presents, stealing hints, or blackmailing enemies. There is no right or wrong.

We would really appreciate if we could develop this game together. To generate more content, we have set ourselves the following goals:

For supporting us you get the opportunity to receive some nice rewards. We appreciate every kind of assistance and will thank you for it.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is our biggest source of inspiration. Both the gameplay and the visual implementation is a role model for us. However, we distance ourselves from an agricultural simulation with small combat elements and put our focus on the story, dealing with the npcs and the fighting system.


Terraria inspired us to make our game as imaginative as we imagine. Above all, the opportunity to always explore new places and find interesting items, has stuck with us.

Developing a game costs a lot of money. Our savings have already flowed into the development of the game. At the same time, we believe that an active and large community can create a successful game. We not only want to incorporate our own ideas, but also the ideas of supporters into the project. Be part of this journey.

Hello, my name is Jan.

I am a game designer and realize my dreams with Silver Dots Studios. Thank you for being interested in us.

Hi, I'm Anastasia.

In addition to the mental support for Jan, I am responsible for the smooth running of the bureaucracy. If you have any questions about us or our projects, I will be happy to answer them.

We are aware that the costs are enormous: that's why we turn to you. Our goal is to keep costs as low as possible while achieving the greatest possible success. We want to finish the project on time and not get out of money.

Thank you so much for your support!

You can follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Developing a game of this size always presents challenges.

We are a young and small team. That means for us that we have to prove ourselves first. We have gained experience in the industry, otherwise we would not expect such a significant project.

We are convinced that this project can only work if our supporters and we are completely honest with each other. 
We report challenges as they occur. And you make us suggestions for improvement. That's how we can come together.

We are also aware that the rewards and their shipping carry additional risks. In order not to be dependent on the production of others, we also try to take over the largest part of the production ourselves in the rewards. For example, your stuffed animals are sewn by us. 

We want to convince you that this game is our baby, we take every step very seriously. We appreciate every penny invested in us. For us that means you believe in the game as much as we do. Thank you.


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