Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call

Help us create the future of storytelling

And you get to play it first!


Storygame and interactive film

Help us to write, cast, develop and produce

We have a BRILLIANT story

It’s the age old student tale, a good night out, lots of booze
and no memory of either – but what happens when you wake

up with no clothes, no money, no idea where you are

and only 3 hours to get to your final exam…

Decisions must be made!

You are the star of the story of course, but also…

We have a hugely TALENTED cast

Ben Crompton (from Game of Thrones) plays the arch villain, Ricky “RAGE” Thompson. Watch out, he’s mad, bad and dangerous… what does he see in you..?

John Bramwell (Mercury award nominated singer-songwriter from I Am Kloot) plays the Nutter on the Bus and provides some amazing soundtrack moments.

We have an exciting NEW FORMAT for mobile storygames

We have created a storygame system that uses interactive messaging, video, phone calls and awards. It feels like real life, only waaaaay more exciting!

See prototype format demo here:

We are Heroes Villains Gamers and we need YOU!

Find out how:www.heroesvillainsgamers.com/wakeupcall

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