W Stick hits Indiegogo
W Stick hits Indiegogo

This project has already launched.

W Stick, a wireless USB flash drive that works together with a mobile app to allow users to transfer, sync, and convert files quickly and easily between various devices. W Stick currently launched a campaign on Indiegogo to introduce its device to the world and to start its mass production. The campaign successfully reached its goal within launch day and also receiving a good response from the people. The campaign is also providing various discounts with up to 40% off to its early supporters.

The device is capable to synchronize with any device such as iOS and Android devices as well as Macs and PCs. The Flash drive comes equipped with 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage capacity to store your data. The device features USB 3.0 with lightning and the microUSB connector as well as Wifi. The W Stick features three different plugs on its two sides (a standard USB plug, a Micro-USB plug and a Lightning connector) that allow the device to work with Macs and PCs, iOS products and devices that run on Android.

With W Stick, you can easily, quickly and safely move data between computers, smartphones, and tablets without the need of the internet, cables, adaptors, or the Cloud where hackers and others may gain access. W Stick works with Apple devices, Type C devices, and Android devices, GPS, Drones, Gopro, Cameras, TVs, Speakers, and Projectors. The charging time is 90 mins and a weight of 18g. The product is available in three colors, i.e., Black, Golden and White.

There are many similar devices in the market, but most of them are highly priced so W Stick is planning to provide the product at an affordable price. To know more details and the story behind their creation, check their Indiegogo campaign at https://igg.me/at/WStick/


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