VVV Trilogy
VVV Trilogy

This project has already launched.

About this project

What's the goal? 

The Goal of this Kickstarter? To be able to print this trilogy with UV spot gloss cover and french fold fanciness (and an assortment of little goodies too).

Here is a bit of a cost-breakdown for the campaign:

Soft Cover Printing (~300 books)  -- ~$4,000

Kickstarter fee -- ~$500

Credit Card Fees -- ~$500

Shipping -- ~$2,000

The printer for this project is a local place in Montreal known as Caius du Livres. They are an excellent place and I've only had really good service with them printing the teaser for Badmouth and the first installment of the Myth About Myths.

The books will also be finished with a fancy UV spot-gloss that reveals the dark design!

What are these books about? 


The books are surreal, science fiction/dark fantasy genres. Big motifs include plague doctors, white noise and television screens. The books are rather dark in nature but that's the cool part isn't it? The main character is a sarcastic mute kid with bird feathers for hair and a habit of getting himself into the worst situations which are sometimes funny and other times somewhat terrifying.

The books will contain 13 full-page illustrations (as seen above) as well as various smaller 'comic panels' highlighting key details & moods throughout the story (think comics meets prose). 

The books will also feature a glossary with these character busts (plus various introductory panels as new characters are introduced)!

About the Author

Hello folks! I'm J.Kiakas (theJokingWallflower online) I am a storyteller based in Montreal, Canada and I dabble in many many mediums! I've studied and graduated with a major in Film Animation and I'm currently sorting out my love for comics, illustration and writing!

While you might know me for my films: The Suitcase & Quirk or my current projects: Badmouth & the Myth about Myths, this project here is my baby and has been in the works (on and off) for 7 years! For those interested this story and who also follow my webcomic, the trilogy follows the life of a character you will meet in the Ouverture of Badmouth, along with various other characters that will be introduced later on in the comic!

What's in it for you?

I have a whole bunch of neat rewards that you can get for backing this project!  In fact, the first 50 backers of any tier 20$ + will also get these three zines!  They're packed with concept sketches and doodles.

And here are all the neat rewards you could get from this Kickstarter! 






  What about Stretch Goals?

I will give more details about these stretch goals once the campaign hits its goal.  But for now here are the tiers we're looking at!


Risks and challenges

I know I know, this is my first time at the Kickstarter scene but let me tell you this: I always get things done and I always get them done on time.

This project is my baby and honestly? I need it to get out there. I need you folks to be able to read it (and possibly want to throw the books at me when you're done, you know how it is).

I will also be 100% transparent with the whole process. I've backed many Kickstarter projects myself and I know what it's like being on your end. I'll be showing you the progress every single step of the way!

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