What is VUVO GO?

VUVO is reshaping the way you think about speaker versatility. GO is a watch built around a high quality speaker that offers numerous ways to enjoy your favorite music. Perfectly suited for your active lifestyle!

Stream your favorite music from your smartphone to GO using Bluetooth technology, or take it solo by loading music into the on-board storage and have the flexibility of not being paired.

GO can also pair to Bluetooth earbuds or stand-alone speakers for bigger sound and more flexibility.

GO incorporates a digital watch face with numerous display options to suit your style. Music control will be accomplished utilizing touch screen controls. Being water resistant also means you don't have to sweat the splashes. Take your tunes to the shower with you!

GO is being offered in four stylish colors.

What can GO do for you?

  • HUGE sound from a small speaker
  • Stream music, podcasts, and other audio to GO using Bluetooth technology
  • No Bluetooth? No problem! 4GB of music can be stored internally
  • Bluetooth out to pair with earbuds
  • Touch screen display for interactive music control
  • Water resistant
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous use

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