VR Adventure
VR Adventure

This project has already launched.

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The project stems from years of experience in architecture, more precisely in the digital domain, where the project is assembled and made viewable to customers. My love for drawing and for the technology has resulted in the virtual reality. Being a gamer since I had my first PlayStation, I wanted to create a work that was also my passion. So, in my architectural firm I decided to use the VR to see what the clients were buying, taking them in the empty lot with a viewer and making them walk through the house. Now, I have the practical skills and know what it takes to make a big project, I need a concrete funding to continue the project to re-create digital environments for people to play, for use in architecture, education, research and medicine. But not only.

The use of VR is a nascent market that has no limits, could be implemented everywhere, from offices to hospitals.

To describe the project will do a simple example:

Saturday night, with friends decide to go for something different that you heard in the advertisements. The thing seems very interesting and decide to go. You are faced with a great structure, you park and enter. Immediately you are explained to you that you have to be careful both to yourself and the equipment inside the hall will be catapulted into another world. You can decide among so many scenarios to try and decide the fantasy one. Wear a visor and headphones and go inside. Soon you find yourself in a large forest with tall trees 20 meters, surrounded by nature, you feel the wind and the smells. Your goal is to retrieve a medallion. You do not know what to do and where to go. Started immediately to look for objects around and find a key. As soon as the see and pick you understand that the key really exists, not only in the game. It 'a soft object that you can hold in your hand. So, between orcs that attack and dragons from which escaped find the door, even that you feel it in your hands. Open, walk, defeat the boss, and you find yourself in front of the treasure. You won. Removed the viewer you experience a reality of which were already consciously aware. You've always been in an empty hall, in dim light.


VR Adventure is not a game but an experience who can you live when you play. You'll go inside a universe and do what you want with hundreds of original items and without a control pad.


 The project is simple. Every 5/10 month the VR Adventure team can create a world when you can play with your friends or alone. 

The first thing you can do is to come in our structure and learn the rouls:

- Play with attention

- Don't remove the visor

- Staff are with you and can hear you, if you have some problems ask some help.

Than you must to wear the VR visor and play




For make good game, the staff should be composed of:

- Commercial Administrator;

- Game Designer and Art Director;

- Artists 3D and Concept Artist;

- Programmer.

The same figures who face the hard task of creating video games.

To start models are created and textured


These are examples of environment that the VR Adventure can create and you can play in an Unreal Tecnology VR.


You can play with real objects, specially designed to not hurt the players, safe and soft. These objects are composed of various sensors that are read by the machine and processed into the world you are playing.


 Many of our products have a story and characters to grow, over a game you can come back to us when you want and resume saving from where you left it!


 When you reach a certain score, and will become the first in the standings, you can win a prize at the end of the month  

- Hours of gameplay  

- A dinner  

- Technological Awards

There are many types of scenarios that you can play:  

- Fantasy and RPG  

- Space Simulation and racing  

- Shooter  

- Solving puzzles

And many others!

Once created the game it will be available for download in our hub so you can play them even at home with your personal equipment.

What are you waiting for? Come and experience it.

This is the park that I would create, with the skills I already have.

My team consists of architects and economists, trusted people who can draw and program fits in the VR platform. To create a building to perfection and make it interactive customer we get 15 days. For a level of play they take at least 150.

Compared to the VR the market does not offer, to date, virtually nothing. There is a long and wide track to be used so long as no one else notices the treasure that can offer the VR.

The investment will be used to buy equipment and pay the salaries of designers, programmers, managers and designers.

As you use the computer equipment (€ 5,000 each) viewers (1300 €), servers (750 €), furnitures and stationery, softwares (€ 35,000 package to work immediately).


It 'a great deal. The gaming is just the beginning because it can produce cash immediately but future projects with schools and museums will be even bigger.

General description of the business

Through the construction of three-dimensional models, their materials and some animations, we provide a service to the environments original architectural firms using virtual reality. The next step becomes to create three-dimensional environments, able to stimulate and accommodate players who, once inserted in the virtual world, play and participate simultaneously in what is being proposed. Through the use of real objects, made safe through the use of rubbery materials such as silicone, and equipped with a three-dimensional spatial sensors, they can interact with the environment and the characters as if they were inside a real space. In short, you do not play more in front of the screen, but in the world itself that creates PixelsDesign.


customer needs and description of products / services

In a constantly changing market, where the entertainment feeds million euro a day, the product of virtual reality has not yet been effectively celebrated. Customers, who are professionals in the architectural sector or kids looking for excitement, look for new products and spend hundreds of euro for the most innovative product that they find.

The new technology of VR is now about to break into the market from all disciplines, from gaming to building, from education to navigation and so on. The product that you want to generate is basically a mass of data generated through the software design and code generation that, combined, create the interactive scenarios brought about by collaboration between the software and the hardware (sensors). Through the generation of intricate themes and storyline, the user finds himself pulled into a world different from their own where he can have fun and experience new emotions.


Characteristics of innovation and intellectual property protection methods

The novelty stà use of resources for virtual reality such as Unreal Engine and the latest generation of viewers. They allow the customer to have the top from the range of the creation of environments both from a photorealistic rendering point of view, both from the point of view of the playability. High realistic digital models favor the practical implementation of the work. The intellectual property is protected by the unique ability of the designer to interface of this type of product in the field of the relationship between the new hardware and the software, which for now, no one, at least in Italy, achieves. The unique instrumentation will be present only at the time, so impossible to copy. Only the software, once developed, will be marketed in major online markets and therefore, will have to be undergone its economic potential.


Market analysis

The logic behind the production of the service is simple. A team of designers and programmers, managed by a designer, design and create the world they will be allowed to enter the users. This world will have its typical gameplay and a story that will capture the players' minds. Everyone will be given the opportunity to be part of this story that will last between 10 and 100 hours of gameplay. The service is charged at the time and therefore, the more memorable experiences, the more the economic return will be greater.

The company is therefore carried out in two phases that go hand in hand along the same timeline. On one side we find the team of experts that creates scenarios, on the other, the user plays.

competitive environment

Highlighting the characteristics of the recipient is offered the service so we can understand that there is no margin of age or profession. Depending on the product that is created, very different depending on the purpose, you can meet different kinds of needs: from the professional who wants to recreate the building newly designed, the old lady who wants to record the baptism of his nephew and relive it in VR, the guy who simply wants to spend a nice evening with friends or relatives.

From a national point of view, in Italy there are no businesses that directly could weaken the force of this idea through direct competition for there is no one that still applies this kind of techniques. The strength lies in the news. His weakness in the very novelty. In fact, without a proper advertising campaign, this project tends not to be known enough to attract a lot of users.

This project can therefore make use of various external sources to increase product quality. Both individual professionals working in the areas of digital design or programming in C ++, both in hardware houses that would be entrusted with the design of the various pieces that will make up the sensors.

Through the functionality of the product to adapt to different market requirements, using specially designed packages for the type of user that you want to attract, so it would develop a market strategy to give any result to the first economic revenues.


History and track record

PixelsDesign processes enviroments for more than years. He has worked for major architectural firms such as Studio Sergi (Cagliari) that still works, and the study Ziranu (Sagrada Familia in Barcelona). He has created three-dimensional models with tremendous quality at the Forte Village Resort, Pula CA.

In Cagliari in many rely on services that PixelsDesing offers since it is the only one that can display both hyper realistic buildings, open spaces, objects and anything else you can draw through the biggest digital design software.

The team working in these environments is composed of the chief designer (Arch. Luca Tocco) and by many professionals who compartecipano based on their professional skills according to customer requirements such as:

- Programmers

- Designers

- Concept artists

- Manager.

Make forecasts of the company and use the capital raised

The evolution of society will be gradual and increasing geographical contexts. Starting from the city of Cagliari, where the products will be put on trial and sold, there will always be closer to a European market, which is increasing the demand for different models of entertainment and where the load is greater, both from a point of financial economic view and from a point of view of profit margin.

Both in the area of ​​production and sales on the major online markets, direct sales to the public service through the VR viewers, the product will be successful if it will be a major advertising campaign, both physical and digital.

The capital that will be collected will be made available to the company:

- Machinery acts to the creation of the models, such as desktop computers with large video capabilities and procedures;

- Vision for Virtual Reality, like the HTC Lives viewers, which allow immediate immersion in the virtual world;

- Rent of the structure that will house the service;

- Payroll employees, as indicated above, many professionals will have to work to have a product of excellence;


- Tools contextually relevant to the project made as stationery, software, hardware (NAS, printers, scanners, graphics tablets).


Ability to attract investors and possible exit strategy

Investors who want to try in the enterprise to launch an advanced center of creation of virtual reality will have to be aware that this is a developing market that shows no sign of stopping but, rather, is having an immense success for ten years to this part. It is not an easy investment, because the product must be highly exciting and have some original content in order to attract the market but, with the right skills at the service of a common goal, can transform an idea into a great dream.

This enterprise will thus never end. The output of new technologies would only strengthen the capacity of the project to cope with the entertainment market, creating new products through new ways of seeing the same concept:

people want to have fun and pay to do so.


Risks and challenges

This is a growing market. There aren't places like this where you can live your adventures with your own body. 
Unfortunately, however, it is an unknown market to the many and needs a lot of advertising to grow and continue to provide ever new and exciting adventures. 
Please understand that this is our job for years but must be implemented in an engine as the unreal, which is currently in full development. 
We completely understand how frustrating it can be when running into unexpected problems campaigns but we will do everything possible to remedy any problems that may arise. 
This project needs a lot of equipment and much mental and physical work to be completed. Work on the project dozens of people to give everyone an unforgettable experience and there may be delays but the job is always completed.


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