VOLT X - The Most Affordable 4K Action Camera Under $100
VOLT X - The Most Affordable 4K Action Camera Under $100





It's simple. We engineered an action camera that puts professional quality results within everyone's reach. Here's a confession--we don't plan to fight any great white sharks or skydive into a volcano any time soon. We're normal people...who are tired of having to choose between super expensive and poor quality when it comes to action cameras. And we think you are too. So we created a GoPro level action camera at an affordable price.

We want to take the VOLT X Action Camera to as many people as would like it -- but going into major retail distribution is expensive. That's why the big brands can do it, but the small brands can't. So, here we are at Kickstarter--where all that goes out the window. We need your support to take the VOLT X camera to markets around the world. Since this is the first time the VOLT X is available to the public, we’re skipping the middle man and bringing it to you for way less than retail.

  • 4K@30, 2K@30, 1080@60, 720@120, VGA@240
  • 16 MP HD Camera
  • SONY CMOS Sensor
  • 2.0 inch LCD
  • 172 Degree Wide Angle
  • Rear 2.0 inch LCD Display Screen
  • Waterproof - Shockproof - Drop-proof outer casing. Waterproof maximum 60 meters deep

VOLT X has higher technical specifications than any of it's competitors. Our mission is to provide extremely high quality cameras at an affordable price. Well, most cameras out there in our class cost 3 or 4 times as much. I mean, how else are they going to pay for their corporate heads, their global retreats, or their marketing? We decided to take our money (what little we have) and put every last cent into the guts of the camera. 






Capturing 4K Ultra High Definition video, smooth slow motion at up to 240 frames per second, and 16 MP HD photos, VOLT X delivers higher performance than any other action camera on the market.
















Underwater Sample Footage

Filming underwater is one of the main reasons that people buy action cameras. The VOLT X has a built in High Def CMOS Sensor with Low Light Resolution that increases underwater clarity especially when the sun is not shining.


The New VOLT X vs the GoPro Hero

Check out the side-by-side comparison video featuring the VOLT X and the GoPro Hero. We have a pretty amazing camera, but you don't have to take our word for it. You be the judge.







 Our new VOLT X camera comes ready to use immediately. Whether it's for a last-minute adventure or surprising someone on Christmas morning, your VOLT X comes charged out-of-the-box, and ready to roll--accessorized with what you need to start shooting right away.

Every VOLT Camera Includes:

  • VOLT X Action Camera
  • 10 Mounts including selfie stick mount, helmet mount, dash cam mount, shoulder/chest mount etc
  • Skeleton Backdoor
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • VOLT rechargable battery
  • VOLT USB Charger and cable



 Ways to contact us

1. Back us and leave a comment on our Kickstarter page 

2. Send a direct message to us on Kickstarter 

3. Email us at: support@voltcamera.com

Press Kit

If you are a member of the press and need more resources, please download our press kit or reach us at pr@voltcamera.com


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