What is VoidFleet?

VoidFleet is a game about war, conquest, empire, cities management and cunning.

You are in charge of your destiny. Join federations, create alliances between federations, and exert your control throughout the universe. Face Dynamic NPC’s threatening your territories and other players with similar intentions.

Construct strongholds of your planets and amass fleets. Build defensive networks; and engage the universe to lay your claim to your corner of the galaxy.

VoidFleet is intended to be a free to play with a small micro-transaction system which will help alleviate the costs of running the servers while maintaining the balance and not having the game shift towards the pay to win genre.

Some Features:

  • Cities

Build your capital cities on planet you control. From here research, build your fleets, manage your territory,

  • Mining

Build mining platforms to mine resources used to build your mighty empire. Harvest from nebulae and asteroid fields.

  • Trade

Trade resources, ships and components with other players in an open market. There are no set values, only what the players decide. This is a player run economy.

  • Research

You will research new technologies that will aid you in your growth and expansion. Upgrades range from deep space scanning and long range sensors to upgrades for your fleets.

  • Combat

Fight with other players trying to take what is yours or participate in large scale fleet warfare with your alliance to expand upon or defend your territories. Fend off the NPC’s trying to take advantage of your weakness, or push the advantage and claim territory they have left exposed and enticing.

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