Void Dreadnoughts
Void Dreadnoughts

Void Dreadnoughts is a 3D starship simulator. Join a faction or start your own, be a pirate, be a lone ranger, be mindful to protect your crew. If you sustain damage to your custom hull it can take a significant amount of time to repair. Choose to cannibalise a damaged sensor array to repair a slightly less damaged one. Or hope that you don't need it before your engineers finish patching it without those parts.

Use the specialities of your crew and installed ship components to unlock new options when dealing with other ships, planets and stations - your biologist could stay on the new Cygna Prime colony for a few days to help them solve a problem with their livestock; Your shuttlebay can be converted into a triage facility to help process the survivors of a freighter with a ruptured core; A crew member with the linguist trait and another with the diplomacy trait can be sent to work out a trade agreement with a new found alien species to help strengthen your faction. 

Install a research facility to help make incremental improvements to your weapons and systems, occasional breakthroughs will benefit your faction (if you choose to pass them on) or can be sold to another faction.

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This is the game I've been wanting to play for my whole adult life. It will probably take me a fair few years to complete it, but with your help I could perhaps secure some funding, hire some help making it look nicer, help me get it out the door and into your computers. 

I'm chronicling the development process over on the Dev Blog but it would be great if you could sign up to this Prefundia campaign and I can gauge support and if doing something like Kickstarting or IndieGoGo would be feasible.

I've currently entered an exciting phase - the damage model (which I've been working on since September 2014 in between jobs) and will post videos of it in action soon. This is a core part of the gameplay, allowing damage to manifest physically, cutting huge swatches or deep channels through the hulls of your enemies. Or carving a tunnel all the way through, damaging critical systems on the way!

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