Voccell DLS - The Professional's Affordable Laser Cutter and Engraver
Voccell DLS - The Professional's Affordable Laser Cutter and Engraver

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Make: liked it enough that...

"without giving away too much, sometimes when we like a tool enough, we try to create some additional content around it to help highlight it more. We are working on a series of holidays projects around your laser right now and would love to keep it around for a bit to be able to work on these."

-Matt Stultz, Make: Magazine

Please note that you most definitely CAN engrave and cut in the same file with no interruption, please see our online instruction manual for more details.

Page 18 http://voccell.com/resources/Instruction%20Manual/Manualv2_07.pdf


*Previous Customers* 

Thank you for believing us.  We are using this campaign to build larger quantities, to bring the costs down and to set up a full time assembly line. We want to pass those savings on to our previous DLS customers as well. If this campaign is successful and you purchased a DLS for full price between May 15th and the launch of this campaign we will send you refund for the difference.  That's right, we will retroactively refund you.  Thank you for supporting us! 


The DLS - 50w / 70w Desktop Laser System 


The DLS is already shipping to real customers.  This is not vaporware or a beta product.  We need your help to begin mass production by setting up a dedicated assembly line.

The DLS is the ultimate value in desktop style lasers. Its rugged, all metal, fireproof exterior and quality components are designed for years of trouble free use while producing industry leading quality output.  We have been working really hard on this the past couple of years to bring this to fruition.  Each system has been tested by real people in the real world under full production loads and we are proud to say our work has paid off!  The final assembly, calibration, quality control and support are all done in the USA.

The DLS can cut simple or complex projects in organic materials like wood, leather and shell as well as plastics like acrylic and Delrin. The edges of materials like acrylic come out of the laser fully polished.


Stack Laser Cut Plywood for 3D Projects.  The Ebony Veneer Was Cut by Laser too for a Perfect Fit! 
Stack Laser Cut Plywood for 3D Projects. The Ebony Veneer Was Cut by Laser too for a Perfect Fit!

The DLS can engrave virtually everything including woods, plastics, glass, stone and marking on all metals with coatings like anodized aluminum or directly on steels. Rasters, vectors and even photos can be engraved to 2032 DPI!

Engrave Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone and More! 
Engrave Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone and More!





Software You Already Know

The DLS will import rasters, vectors and photos from the software you already use.  From there its simply a matter of scale, rotation and specifying cutting power and speed before starting a cutting or engraving job.

Compatible With Software You Already Use 
Compatible With Software You Already Use



Quick Technical Specifications 

Please see http://www.voccell.com/wp/techspecs for more detailed specifications.

  • Exterior Dimensions - 45" x 30" x 17" | 1125 x 762 x 431.8 mm
  • Weight - 150lbs | 68.18 KG
  • Work Envelope - 24" x 16" | 609.6mm x 406.4mm
  • Laser - 50w (70w Optional) Water Cooled CO2 Laser
  • Optics - Made In the USA
  • Precision - .0004" | .0125mm
  • Minimum Feature Size - .002" | .05mm
  • Maximum Engraving Speed - 400mm/s +
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness (1-Pass Polished Edge) - .313" | 8mm
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness (1-Pass Reduced Edge Quality) - .50" | 12.7mm
  • Maximum Material Thickness - 4.5"
  • Mechatronics - High Speed Stepper Motors 
  • Duty Cycle - 100%
  • Frame - All Metal Construction 
  • Phase Change Chiller - INCLUDED
  • Air Compressor - INCLUDED
  • Exhaust Fan and Ducting - INCLUDED
  • Final Assembly, Calibration, QC and Support in the USA

Special Features

  • Free Replacement Parts: An extra focus lens and mirror are included with every purchase.  
  • Virtual Home Position: A simple checkbox tells the laser to start cutting and engraving wherever it is positioned allowing users to quickly align single item jobs without jigs or fixturing.  
  • Visible Laser Positioning: A visible, red laser dot is projected along the same optical path of the CO2 laser so you know exactly where your cut or engraving starts.  
  • Front Panel Access: The front lower panel of the laser can be lowered to allow materials of unlimited length to be engraved.  
  • Side Panel Access: The side panel of the laser can be lowered to allow materials of unlimited length to be engraved.
  • Pass-through Rear Panel Access: The rear panel can be unbolted to allow full pass through of materials.

Warranty and Safety

  • 12 Month Bumper to Bumper Warranty
  • The DLS is a Class 2 Laser During Normal Operation
  • Safety Interlock on Primary Door
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Welded Steel Housing
  • Negative Pressure Exhaust System Keeps Optics Clean and along with the Air Compressor Prevents Flare Ups
  • Isolated Power Supply and Laser Tube

Laser Comparison Chart

Please see our chart at http://www.voccell.com/wp/comparisons for a comparison between the DLS and other popular lasers.



Shipping via Freight

The DLS is heavy.  It comes fully assembled in a wooden crate with the accessories (chiller, exhaust etc.) in separate cardboard boxes.  The total weight of the delivery is 350 pounds which REQUIRES freight shipment, this cannot be shipped via regular UPS or Fedex due to the size and weight. We will arrange all freight deliveries for you, don't worry!

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